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New Electric Series Of Tesla Got FIA Approval

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Tesla is a familiar carmaker which was founded in the year 2003 and they came with a concept that the electric vehicles will be quicker as well as better and also offer more fun when compared to the normal gasoline cars. They not only manufacture electric vehicles but also manufacture products which generate clean energy. They are well known for the people for their innovative products and their mission is to move the world or to see the world in a future of zero emission.

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New Electric Series Of Tesla Got FIA Approval

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Tesla is also the fourth largest automaker in the world. It also provides cars at an affordable cost in order to make more people get accessed with cars.  To create a sustainable ecosystem, it manufactures energy solutions which are unique to manage the storage and generation of nonrenewable energy. A new car series of Tesla has been approved by the governing body of Formula One, FIA on Thursday. The FIA is nothing but an International Automobile Federation which is a trade organization that supports every competitive market.

First EPCS Championship:

Also, the Electric GT Holdings stated that the championship of the first EPCS which took place in the mid of the year 2018 involves 20 drivers who are going to compete with the tested model of Tesla. This race will be conducted across Europe includes the tested SP 100D cars of Tesla. This car has passed in its official crash test which was conducted last week in Barcelona. The round of this championship will involve 60km per day as dusk races with a race power which is set to 585kW of maximum power. Additionally, it also includes rounds such as eKarting and eSports as well.

Formula E Series:

The chief executive of Electric GT Holdings, Mark Gemmel said that they respect FIA and they feel proud and honour to receive their support more than their inaugural session. The FIA also approved the Formula E which is the first racing series with all-electric in the fourth season. It will also attract as well as increase the involvement of the manufacturers. They are also going to plan for electric series of production-based to start in the upcoming years and the cars will be based on the performance of Jaguars I-PACE. 

It takes around two years to get approval for all-racing cars of Tesla. The major reason behind the electric production car series is just because of the manufacturers used to put their electric cars. To enhance the performance of the electric cars and to show the efficiency of electric cars, Tesla has started this series. This field will consist of Tesla P 100Ds which will have 800 horsepower. The ultimate plan for the series is to conduct a race on the major circuits and it is also expecting to run its first race in the upcoming years. Though the Tesla is getting the green signal to all the racing series and it will be going to take place in the near future. Stay tuned to know more updates.

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