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Nissan Is Going To Invest $9.5 Billion In China To Become One of The Top Three Automaker

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Nissan Motor is one of the automakers in India and it is now going to invest $9.5 billion in China to make it as a partner and they said that they have planned this idea to become one of the top three companies of the automaker in the world. On Monday, Nissan the tier-II player of China and Dongfeng Group says that they are also aiming to achieve a volume of vehicles to 2.6 million per year by the year 2022 whereas last year they produced only 1.5 million vehicles.

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The Nissan is planning to achieve this target by using a strategy known as ‘Triple One’ and they are aiming to focus on an electric car which is now great demand in the two markets Nissan and Venucia which is the local brand of Nissan in China. This strategy will also aim at increasing the sales of the light commercial vehicles as well as trucks. The auto market of China has been still nominated for almost two decades by the two automakers such as Volkswagen AG and General Motors Company as well. These two companies had achieved a great success in selling four million vehicles in the previous year.

But the companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Company, Nissan Motor and Ford Motor Company are lagging far in selling when compared to those two automakers. These companies are selling vehicles of one million plus per year. The chief of Nissan in China, Jun Seki said that they are planning to break this and to sit in the top three ranks in the automaker markets of the world. He also added that to achieve this we have to run with full-aggressive and if we fail to do this, then we will lose the market.

The Electric Strategy Of The Company:

Seki also said that the strategy aims to achieve a growth in both the Nissan brand and Infiniti brand of the company. They are planning to boost the annual sales of the Nissan brand by 100,000 more vehicles per year. He said they are going to increase the sales by launching vehicles in all the brands and this also includes the launch of ‘e-power’ hybrid vehicles. Most of the automakers are now planning to launch hybrid vehicles in the upcoming years and they are also planning to do so. The joint venture Nissan and Dongfeng have sold twenty-two thousand electric vehicles a previous year and the sold vehicles are mostly commercial e-vans which are light weighted.

To achieve a great volume of EV, Nissan is planning to produce electric cars at low cost. This can also be made by purchasing electric motors as well as other components from the local suppliers of China. Nissan is also planning to launch three low-cost vehicles in 2019 and it will be launched under the name Venucia. Seki also said that they are expecting that this EV and power hybrid vehicles will provide much profit. He also added that no other automaker will compete with them in the low-cost of their brands. 

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