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Nissan Improves The Driving Experience Through Brain-To-Vehicle Technology

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A few days ago, Nissan has demonstrated its new technology at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which is conducted in Las Vegas. It is nothing but a device placed on driver’s head to measure the activity of brainwaves. Further, it can have the ability to forecast the upcoming movements like the brakes or throttle and steering adjustments.

The company implements them by using driver-assist technology, which acts 0.2 – 0.5 secs quicker as compared to the human driver. The reason behind the enforcement of this technology by Nissan is to improve safety. Even, the Carmaker also assures that it will enhance manual driving.

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When it comes to autonomous driving, what most of the people think is that it will be the remote vision of the future in which machines take over the control of the humans. But, as far as the brain-to-vehicle technology is concerned, it is entirely different as it makes use of signals received from the driver’s brain and makes the driving experience even more enjoyable and exciting as well.

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More than that, the tech also lets the car understand the state and the mood of its driver. Of course, this will be quite helpful when the car is completely running in an autonomous mode. With an aim to improve the comfort, the technology allows the vehicle to regulate its own drive setting or driving style. Also, the Nissan claims that the system can able to adjust itself according to what the driver sees.

This was done by using augmented reality so as to give drivers a more relaxing environment. There is no doubt that the potential applications of this technology are found to be incredible and this research will become a catalyst for other Nissan Innovation, which is going to take place inside the vehicles of Nissan in the upcoming days.

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