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Polo GTI Vs the competition

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IBB Premium hot-hatch comparo: Polo GTI Vs the competition
Recently with the increase in disposable income among young enthusiasts (or their dads), the hot hatchback fever is slowly catching up in the Indian sub-continent. The exclusivity and eyeballs you receive are an added bonus. With the advent of VW Polo GTI entering this segment, IBB does a comparo on these pocket rockets. 
Volkswagen GTI Mini Cooper S Fiat Abarth 595 Competizione
Polo GTI is a rabidly rapid car in sheep's clothing. The Polo GTI will pass on as a normal Polo, only die-hard auto enthusiasts will realize the cracker of an engine housed under the same silhouette. The car breaches the 100 kmph under 6.5 seconds and can run rings on so-called performance cars. A joyful thing on wheels. One look and you will fall for its cheeky styling. It is not only the styling but the punchy powertrain which makes it a favorite in this segment worldwide. The latest model available in India is based on BMW’s UKL platform. This cute little car come with a punchy petrol motor that dishes out 192 hp and the speedo can reach triple digits in 6.7 seconds. To put it straight and simple: It’s a jelly bean on steroids. It retains the shape of its cuddly Fiat 500 but comes with a stonker 1.4 Liter turbocharged petrol motor. This little pocket rocket can zoom to 100 kmph in 6.7 seconds.  


Competitor Analysis For Volkswagen Polo GTI

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