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Porsche would launch its electric car Mission E by the end of 2020

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Porsche is a German automaker that specializes in dishing out high-performance vehicles. However, recently it has unveiled its ambitious first generation fully electric power car concept. Soon after the global unveiling, the German version would also be launched very soon. In this context, it is interesting to note that the first concept of this fully electric car was proposed at the 2015 Frankfurt Show. The Director of Porsche India has confirmed that the electronic version of the vehicle would be launched before the end of this decade.

The Porsche’s first fully electric car in the form of Mission E would be powered by two electric motors.   The German brand Porsche is about to add more feathers in its cap as far as the passenger vehicles section of cars is concerned. They are about to bring three new models in the German car market. This project of the brand is aimed at bridging the gap in the passenger vehicle sector of the Company. They have recently launched the compact SUV Nexon, and that completes their share of seventy-one percent of the passenger vehicle category. The Company expects that the rest of the space will be filled up by the three new cars about to be launched. The vehicles are still in the design and production stage. The cars have been planned to be five-seated, seven-seater SUVs, and premium hatchback models.

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Porsche Mission E

The cars are being developed in the three studios of the Brand located in Pune (Maharashtra), Coventry (UK) and Turin (Italy). The expected launch date of the three new models is the end of 2019-20 according to the design head of the company. The brand is continuously wooing its clients with new models. In the last sixteen months, there have been three new model launches by the Brand. These models have already gained many praises from the buyers of the country. The Company is hopeful that the new models will improve the sales further. The passenger vehicle sector of Porsche grew by 22% in the last financial year. This is one of the steadiest growths according to the industry experts.

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The other significant news about the Porsche Brand is that it is reducing the number of its production platforms from six to two. These two are advanced modular and electric cars platforms. This is a step towards consolidating the market offerings of the brand. This new version of Porsche car would also sport classy interiors and exteriors. Besides that, the Mission E car would even make sure that the buyer can get affordable cars at low prices. It is also interesting to note that the all-new Mission E car would also ensure that the Indian buyers can drive this vehicle at rough terrains. 

The Porsche would also help the Indian buyers to make sure that they are taking care of the environment. It is so because the all-new Porsche cars would sport advanced features that are compliant with current industry standards.

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