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Quick Facts - Ford Mustang GT

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Ford launched their iconic Mustang in India. We share some quick facts about the Ford India’s new flagship.

Ford Mustang Black

Legacy: The Mustang was first launched in 1964 in the American car market. Since then it is one of the most successful American sports cars. The one launched in India is the sixth generation Mustang, earlier launched in the autumn of 2015 in UK.

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First Time Right Hand Drive: It took more than 50 years for the Ford to bring a Right Hand Drive version of the car. This prevented the car getting entry into the European markets and India. Finally, Ford brought the Right Hand Drive version in 2015.

Looks: In America, it is an affordable, simple and a great looking car with a macho personality. The car has a great attention to detail and a coolness all over.

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Power under the Hood: It is powered by a large 5.0 Liter V8 petrol engine that generates 395 bhp and 515 Nm torque.

Sound: The car has a deep grunt and is a music to ears when revved.

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BIG: Yes the car is one of the biggest sedans on Indian roads. The dimensions are: L- 4.8 m/ W- 1.9 m/ H- 1.4 m.

Handling: Surprisingly the car handles well for its size and weight. The car has a rear independent axle and suspension setup. The present model has hugely improved its handling characteristics compared to the older model.

Value for Money: The price starts at Rs 65 lacs (Ex-showroom) and is a fantastic value for money sports car compared to other sports car.

The New Flagship for Ford India: It is the most expensive poster car for Ford India. Well done Ford!

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