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Raging Bull on Indian Roads - Lamborghini Huracan

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Lamborghini Huracan

The exhaust note is unmistakable to the trained ear; the howling sounds spirited and it’s all very dramatic. It’s large and turns many heads as it drives by making a lot of noise. Yes, it’s the latest work of beauty rolling out of Lamborghini factories, the Lamborghini Huracan. Named after a famous Spanish fighting bull, like the previous Lambos this too has jaw-dropping looks. Well, that is why Lambos make the best bedroom wall posters.

Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Cars in India

The interior looks like a cockpit of a fighter jet, it also has a starter button straight out of Top Gun. The back is sculpted, so it doesn’t need a rear spoiler to push those sticky tires into the tarmac during high-speed runs. The engine is a heavily reworked version of the Gallardo which is now a 5.2 Litre V10 which pumps a massive 610 BHP; with this you also get a state-of-the-art twin clutch system which works brilliantly to make quick shifts.

It’s got even more hi-tech machinery under the hood - the carbon ceramic brakes are standard and the car has gyroscopes which monitor everything that’s going on and this info is sent to the 4-Wheel-Drive brain which then decides how much power has to be delivered to each wheel at lightning speed; the nose can be raised to go over speed bumps. Armed with the technology from the future, what the Huracan delivers is absolutely staggering and allows you to turn at sensational speeds. It takes about 3 seconds to reach from 0-100kmph and less than 10 seconds to reach the 200kmph mark. Flat out, the Huracan has an eye-watering top speed of over 325kmph.

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However, unlike the Lambos of the past the Huracan has been designed to run on the road. It is easy to drive, feels tame and user-friendly unless it’s put in race car territory where one of its drive modes unleashes the rampaging Italian horses. Some say that the Huracan is missing the adrenaline rush Lamborghinis usually came with. It is a proper car that you can drive every day with a big grin on your face. Take the Lamborghini Huracan out for a spin and it will make every soul around it go crazy with their cameras because the car looks as mental and alien like its big brothers, not to forget the amount of noise the V10 makes. This kind of celebrity paparazzi does not come cheap; the price for this outrageous curtain call starts at a whopping 3 Crores.

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Head on to IBB On Road Price to get the exact cost of owning this Italian Bull and if you got pockets deep enough to get this sexy piece-of-art into your garage, Book a Test Drive to see what it’s like to own it and be the next talk of the town. Considering the owners of these beautifully crafted monsters take good care of them, you could also buy a pre-owned Huracan if the pocket pinch or the waiting time is too much; IBB Used Car Valuation would help you determine the price you will have to pay for these shining toys. Burn Rubber!

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