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Renault India Achieves Target Of 320 Dealerships

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Renault India is one of the most common brands that has been offering some of the most wonderful cars on the market. Most of these cars offer tough challenges to its competitors. The company has not only been developing some of the most brilliant models for the roads of India, it has also actively expanded the dealership network. The company has achieved the target by adding another 50 dealerships across the country by 2017. There had been only 14 dealerships for the company back in the days in 2011. But not the pages have turned and it has 320 dealerships all around the country.

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All the facilities in the country had been designed according to the concept of the 'Renault Store'. The idea focuses on a new generation of dealerships. The dealerships have been designed and conceptualized to address properly the evolving needs of the customers by the highlighting of the value of the brand, the services, the products and the accessories in a very modern and diligent and effective style.

The company likes innovations and it is not only clear through the wonderful cars put into production. The slew of initiatives like the Renault Assist, the Renault Store, Workshop on Wheels, apps and the regular customer service camps. The company has been focusing on establishing a strong base in India for the last few years. There are many companies who are doing the same to captivate on the huge market that is available in India. The company is surely offering a strong product offensive strategy. The Kwid hatchback and the new Captur SUV are some of the most common cars from the company. Renault India is surely making great progress through the amazing cars it is putting on the table. More and more buyers are getting attracted to the interesting designs of these cars.

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