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BMW 3GT Facelift

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Carving out the perfect niche for itself, the Gran Turismo is back with a bang and a slice of power and comfort!

Key Takeaways:

  • Both petrol and diesel engines available
  • Focussed on comfort and driveability
  • Lies between the 3 Series and 5 Series

When it was originally launched in 2014 in India, the BMW 3 GT was quite well received by takers of the Beemer badge. Now, the Bavarians have decided to amp up the appeal and present customers’ a vehicle that has more comfort, space and power. Hence, they came out with a facelift of the 3GT and presented it at INR 43.30 lakhs.

There are two diesel variants offered – the Sport and the Luxury priced at INR 43.30 lakhs and INR 46.50 lakhs respectively. A newly introduced petrol variant is also available at INR 47.50 lakhs.

BMW 3 Series GT Facelift

Let’s have a quick look at a few points as to what they have done in terms of upgrades for the exterior as well as the interiors.

  • Although, the upgrades on the exterior front are quite diminutive, they still have quite an impact and make the 3GT look way more striking than previously.
  • The LED headlamps which also get LED daytime running lights is one significant update for the facelift.
  • A new tech for the headlamps has been introduced which has a camera which based on an adaptive assistance systems helps light up the road in an improved method and automatically deflects certain elements in the headlamps when it encounters approaching traffic.
  • Two features which remain As Is on the 3GT are the electronically deployable spoiler on the boot lid and the frameless door design.
  • Needless to say, the kidney grille remains unchanged.
  • In spite of featuring a large notchback boot that opens, the cabin is still mighty spacious.
  • There is ample space for passengers in the rear which can be enjoyed by sitting there rather than driving this machine.
  • BMW iDrive system is present and this takes care of everything from navigation to audio.
  • The highlight is a 520L boot, not just that when the rear seats are folded the total cargo spaces adds up to 1600L.
  • It is quite evident, that the automaker has not given much attention to updating features but wants to enhance experiences of users’ instead. Sticking to the same-old recipe makes for a good fitment in this case.
  • It’s a series which is familiar and the layout too is something which the Beemer fans will be used to.
  • From other luxury manufacturers, there is no such competition but it does rival against predominant luxury sedans like the Jaguar XF, Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class.
  • With the price offering of the 3GT, it is a thought-provoking proposal for anyone who is looking for a spacious, comfortable chauffeur driven vehicle. 

It’s all About the Engine:

The 3GT comes in petrol and diesel engine options. The diesel engine is a 2.0L one which produces a power of 190BHP and a torque of 400Nm. This engine is linked to an automatic gearbox and a RWD system. The petrol version (330i) is powered by a 2.0L turbocharged engine which churns out 252BHP and a torque of 350Nm. It can cover 0-100 in 6.1 seconds. Similar to the previous 3GT this one too will be comfortable and has an improved ride quality and handling. Both engines are linked to an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox and have a RWD or rear wheel drive system.

BMW 3 Series GT Facelift

Petrol - Variant

330i Luxury Line

1998cc, Automatic, 18.9kmpl

Diesel - Variant

320d Sport Line

1995cc, Automatic, 18.9kmpl

Diesel- Variant

320d Luxury Line

1995cc, Automatic, 18.9kmpl



Ground clearance


Fuel tank capacity


Boot space


Top speed


No. of gears


Seating capacity


The icing on the cake for this car is that it slots between the 3 Series and 5 Series for the German automaker. This will stand as a good threat to fellow German automaker rivals like Audi and Mercedes.

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