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Self Driving Jaguar Land Rover models to have first on-road tests

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Jaguar Land Rover is participating in the first road tests for connected and autonomous vehicles in the United Kingdom. This will help JLR come up with intelligent and futuristic vehicles. The brand is testing technologies as part of the UK Autodrive project worth £20m, including technologies enabling cars to communicate with each other along with roadside infrastructure inclusive of traffic lights on Coventry roads. These trials are aimed at finding how human reactions and behaviour can be replicated by autonomous and connected vehicles.

JLR is working on semi and fully autonomous technologies to enable safer and engaged driving experiences. The company aims at ensuring viability of self driving cars across off and on road environments and all real life environments and weather conditions. According to the Executive Director-Product Engineering, Nick Rogers, this self driving project makes for an exciting test on public roads since environmental complexities will enable the discovery of more effective means to ensure greater road safety in the future. Inputs will also be tapped from several sensors while ways will be discovered for data processing.

Self Driving Jaguar Land Rover

JLR is striving to be a market leader in terms of collaborative research projects centering on connected and autonomous cars according to him. He added that the legal, technological and infrastructural framework required to be built for making self driving cars a reality will have total support from Jaguar Land Rover. Coventry will be one amongst just 12 other cities worldwide to have these tests on public roads.

UK Autodrive is the biggest of three such platforms launched for backing the launch of self driving vehicles in the United Kingdom and is striving to position the UK as a worldwide research, integration and development hub for connected and automated vehicles. The consortium has already tested and proven these technologies in a track environment closed from the general public. The real world testing initiative will be an exciting next step towards turning their vision into a reality. These tests will continue well into next year.

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