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Skoda Kodiaq: IBB Quick Facts

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Modularer Querbaukasten (MQB) platform of Volkswagen group (Skoda is the Czech subsidiary of Volkswagen) has brought out us many cars of varied sizes. The lately launched Skoda Superb is the largest so far spun out from this platform. Based on the same platform, Skoda brings their first proper SUV and that’s the Skoda Kodiaq for you.

Skoda Kodiaq

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We share some very important facts about this SUV behemoth from Skoda.

  • What’s in the name?

It is named after the Kodiak Island located in Alaska, home to Kodiak bear. Kodiak bear is the largest subspecies of the beast. The name indicates the size and positioning of Kodiaq in the Skoda family.

  • Is it the first SUV from Skoda?

Yes, if you don’t count the Yeti as an SUV. Also, Yeti was a five-seater whereas the Kodiaq is a proper SUV with more than sufficient ground clearance and is a proper seven-seater.

  • Is it based on the Skoda Superb?

The Kodiaq is based on the same MQB platform which underpins the Superb and the Octavia in India.

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  • Tell us about its off-road capabilities

The top-end gets a transverse-engine with Borgwarner All Wheel Drive (AWD) system. The standard variant has a ground clearance of 190 mm whereas the Scout variant gets 194 mm ground clearance.

  • What are the engine options to choose from?

Obvious contender is the 2.0-Litre TDI diesel motor that comes in two different tunes (150 hp/340 Nm and 190 hp/400 Nm). Also, the international market has a 2.0-Litre TSI petrol power pot that dispenses 180 hp and 320 Nm. We are doubtful, if the TSI will make its way to India considering the dynamics of Indian auto industry.

  • What is the price?

A tough question to answer. However, our bet is on the ₹28 lakh to ₹32 lakh price band (ex-showroom)

  • Are we excited?

An emphatic YES!

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