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Steal Deals in Used Car Market

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At a modest budget of Rs 4-8 lakhs budget what all cars you can get? Though you have a lot of options in the hatchback and compact saloon (the same hatchback with a tiny protrusion slapped on), choice in sedan segment are very limited. Even the most of the premium hatchback segments mid variants are priced north of Rs 8 lakhs +.

Instead, what if we suggest you can get a premium sedan for this price? Perplexed? There comes the beauty of a used car. With the improvement in car manufacturing in the past few decades, we have seen a giant leap in the reliability of cars.  With newer models getting launched like never before and various other reasons, customers are changing cars very often. This adversely affected the resale value of used cars in the market. The rate of depreciation is comparatively more as the cars go up in the pricing ladder.


In the used car market, you can get sparingly used examples of premium sedans, which are more spacious, comfortable and lot more fun to drive for your modest budget of Rs 4-8 lakhs.

What is a steal deal in used car market?

Basically in a steal deal, you get more value for the money you have actually spent.

Honda Civic

When the car was launched in 2006, the car looked like it straight came out from the Star War movie. Low, long, elegant with the right mix of straight lines and curves made it the most beautiful car of those time. Still Honda Civic looks contemporary among new generation cars. The interior design and quality can blow you away, looks like a straight lift from a jet plane. A joystick in place of the steering will not look out of place. Yes, we are talking about a car launched in 2006. Still a well maintained Civic can turn heads and attract eyeballs.

The car is powered by a 1.8-liter Vtec petrol engine which churns out 130 bhp @ 6300 rpm and a peak torque of 171.6 Nm @ 4300 rpm.


  • Honda reliability.
  • Great design.
  • Silent and smooth engine.
  • Adequate power for highways.
  • Futuristic and spacious interiors.
  • Sporty steering with great feedback.
  • Automatic CVT option with paddle shift (Yes, same as in an F1 car!)
  • Honda Care Anytime Warranty.


  • Very low ground clearance.
  • No diesel options.
  • Built quality.
  • Car needs to be revved hard to keep in the power band.
  • Engine mounts have a tendency to give away fast.
  • The soft rear suspension affects handling and car bottoms out easily.
  • Limited boot space.

Honda Civic was in production from 2006 to 2013. Being a Honda service and availability of parts are not an issue though you may have to wait for some critical parts. And more importantly Honda offers ‘Honda Care Anytime Warranty’ even for the discontinued Civic for 7 years from the date of production. The warranty can be availed even for a car which has a break in warranty period and improper service records. That is, if you buy a 2012 Honda Civic you can opt for a Honda warranty, which covers the car till 2019.  Also, Honda is all set to bring the new Honda Civic 2015 to India.

Price Chart (Source: IndianBlueBook Check Car Price tool)


Honda Accord

Honda Accord was the flagship car from the Honda stable in India. Honda was forced to withdraw the car as Honda was not able to offer a diesel engine option those days. From a boring uninspiring design in 2003 Honda frequently evolved the Accord into a big, bold and beautiful car with the right dose of muscle and class. You get one of the plushest interiors with loads of interior space.

Over the years, Honda launched the car with various petrol engine options like2.3 VTi, 2.4 L VTi MT, 2.4 VTi AT, 3.0 L V6 and 3,5 L V6.


  • It’s a looker.
  • Powerful engine options, 3.5 L V6 is a stonker.
  • Plush interiors.
  • Honda reliability
  • Honda Care Anytime Warranty.
  • Armchair like front seats and sofa like rear seats.
  • Dual zone climate control


  • Low fuel efficiency. 3.5 V6 can give as low as 5 Kmpl, beware!
  • No diesel engine option.
  • Some spares are expensive
  • Other than that, not much.

This car can be your daily drive only if you are prepared to gulp the high fuel bills. Else limit it as a weekend car. Nevertheless, the comfort and the presence offered by a well maintained used Accord is not hard, but very hard to beat. Price Chart (Source: IndianBlueBook Check Car Price tool)


Chevrolet Cruze

American car maker forayed into the premium sedan segment in 2009 with the Cruze. The car is one of most successful car models for Chevrolet India. With the Chevrolet signature looks, funky interiors and more importantly a powerful diesel motor Cruze captured the premium segment in India. It ruled the roost till Hyundai relaunched the new Elantra in 2012. In addition to the launch of other cars like the new Corolla Altis, VW Jetta and new Skoda Octavia sales of Cruze started dipping. This also affected the resale value of the car.


  • Bold styling.
  • Solid Built.
  • Powerful engine, 148 bhp and peak 327 nm torque.
  • Decent mileage.
  • The car is still in production.


  • Cramped interiors for a premium sedan.
  • Many customers are not happy with Chevrolet service.
  • Turbo-lag, making city driving laborious.

The price of the car has not reduced drastically over the years, as the car is still in production and doing fair numbers in the market. This also assures easy spare parts availability and spares.


Price Chart (Source: IndianBlueBook Check Car Price tool)


Skoda Laura

Skoda recently replaced the Laura with the new Octavia. Worldwide Skoda Laura was marketed as the new Octavia, but Skoda India sold both Octavia and Laura simultaneously for a while. The car has two engine options: 2 Liter TDI diesel, 1.9 PD Diesel and 1.8 TSI Petrol. Both offers good performance on the road. Skoda cars are generally reliable, but the cost of spares and repairs are high. Laura also has a DSG automatic option.


  • Built like a tank.
  • A car with loads of useful power and torque both in petrol and diesel variants.
  • Good mileage for the diesel.
  • TSI is a petrol performer.
  • DSG gearbox has quick shifts.


  • Customers are not happy with Skoda service.
  • Expensive spares.
  • DSG gearbox issues.
  • Sourcing some spares may take time.


Price Chart (Source: IndianBlueBook Check Car Price tool)


In addition to these cars you can find sparingly used and relatively new example of the following cars in the Rs 4-8 lakhs price range which are worth considering.

  • Honda City 1.5 Vtec Petrol MT
  • Hyundai Verna Fluidic (VTVT Petrol and CRDi diesel)
  • Maruti SX4 (VVT petrol and DDis diesel)
  • Mahindra Scorpio
  • Tata Safari

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