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Mahindra Thar Daybreak Edition

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Are you an off-roading enthusiast? Is driving through uneven terrains, slushy waters and breezing through ditches your thing?

Mahindra Thar Daybreak Edition

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Driving an off-roader offers a completely different high! Driving through those terrains and courses in a Thar is something anyone and everyone should experience in their life, at least one. The thrill is nothing like anything.Now, you get a chance to swerve your way through the slush, branches and stones with the Mahindra Thar Daybreak.

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Close your eyes, I’m sure, you enthusiasts can picture yourself sitting in the Daybreak – A jeep painted in a divine grey colour tone with huge outrageously sized wheels. Now, you actually have the chance to not just picture yourself sitting in the Daybreak but you can OWN one too! To make this dream into reality, all you have to do is own a Mahindra Thar (any version) and have about INR 9.6 lakh handy. If the cloth roof is not up your alley, then fit your very own Daybreak with a solid roof at just INR 1.5 lakh.

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All the level of customisation will be carried out by the ‘Mahindra Customisation’ division and within 2 months, you can have your baby back in your garage.

FACT: The Thar Daybreak comes fitted with 37 inch Maxxis Trepador tyres

It doesn’t stop at that, with these tyres and improved ground clearance, the Thar seems to conquer even the most uninhabitable topography. The engine of the Daybreak remains the same as stock engine, 2.5 litre CRDe engines which produce a power of 105BHP and a torque of 247Nm. The reason for retaining the same is because it will then be eligible for registration and insurance. Needless to say, the standard 4x4 All Wheel Drive (AWD) system is provided.

Mahindra Thar Daybreak Edition

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Cool Tweaks

Some additional gadgets and items to fidget with have been added which include LED lights, racing buckets, roll over cage among others, off-road bumpers, a wider bonnet and auxiliary lights in the front. The interior too has been nipped and now comes with Sparco bucket seats, a dual tone finish which is similar to the exterior, four waterproof speakers, all-new touch screen instrument panel with reverse parking cameras (Wait, let’s get back to the previous point – you read accurately, waterproof speakers! Woo hoo!).

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Additionally, some cool fittings are an electric winch is used to pull other vehicles or itself out of a muddle when stuck somewhere, a snorkel on the driver side and a footboard made of metal for easy entry. The rear gets a spare tire and chrome exhaust, turn indicators and LED taillights.

How Do I Get My Hands On This Mean Machine?

This off-roader is available at an additional cost of INR 9.6 lakhs solely for customisation. It goes without saying; this cost does not comprise the vehicle cost be it new or old.

Beyond Imagination

Can you imagine – the Thar was and is a beast on the road and now the Daybreak is going to pummel the competition away in a whisp. An SUV crazy country like ours is bound to have a home-grown vehicle like this, not just a car for show (or is it), this piece of metal muscle can take on any terrain.

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The next time you want to make a grand entrance, make it with the all new Mahindra Thar Daybreak – where everyone will see you coming from a mile away. A great addition to have for die-hard enthusiasts is the Daybreak! And it is has always been a steady bestseller from the House of Mahindra too!

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