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Tata Motors integrates ESC for Heavy Commercial & Medium vehicles

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Tata Motors has unveiled cutting edge ESC (Electronic Stability Control) technology for its new SIGNA and PRIMA truck range at a Chennai based event. Hill Start Aid (HSA) and Automatic Traction Control (ATC) are also being offered for these trucks and buses. This technology will help in eliminating bus and truck accidents and will improve overall vehicle safety and stability levels. The new ESC safety technology will help in reducing more than 50% of overall rollover crashes and will lower crashes due to loss of control by 25%.

The new technology has been developed in collaboration with WABCO India and offer lower risks of accidents, enhanced stability, lower repair costs and enhanced vehicle uptime. According to the Head of Commercial Vehicles at Tata Motors, Girish Wagh, the company always strives to offer new-age technology and innovation to customers while keeping safety aspects at the forefront. He added that Tata Motors is the country’s first OEM which is deploying ESC technologies across the Heavy and Medium Commercial Vehicle range. According to the Vice President & Head, Engineering (CVBU), Tata Motors Limited, Dr. A.K. Jindal, the company seeks to engage with all stakeholders for developing futuristic technologies for commercial vehicles that boost safety levels and fuel economy alike. He also expressed his confidence in these new safety technologies supporting the vision of the Government to enhance road and driver safety in the country.

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ESC is added to the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and was introduced through regulatory compliances as per the Government of India’s Central Motors Vehicle Rules. This covers all vehicles which exceed 12 ton GVW. ESC heightens safety by minimizing probabilities of accidents in various scenarios. ESC can predict any instability and intervenes automatically through the application of the brakes and this helps in avoiding jack-knifing, rollover and skidding. The lateral acceleration of the vehicle is measured along with the roll about the vertical axis via sensors. Thereafter, brakes are applied for wheels selectively for checking overall instability. Customers will benefit from tractor-trailer jack-knifing, prevention of rollover while turning at high speeds and also through the enhancement of directional stability while dynamic maneuvers are performed.

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The ESC feature will be available for the Prima range of Tractors including the 4925 and 4025 Tractors and the 3123T, 2523T, 3723T, Signa LPS 4018 and LPS 4923 Trucks. This will also cover 25T, 37T and 31T LPT platforms. Automatic Traction Control will help in eliminating any wheel spin while accelerating on varying surfaces, particularly ones which are slippery, like ice, water and mining. This will prevent traction loss for one or more wheels and this scales up overall tyre life through the avoidance of any traction losses to one or more wheels. Hill Start Aid also helps in prevention of vehicle roll back in Stop & Go circumstances on uphill gradients and also reduces brake liner and clutch wear.

According to the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at WABCO, Jacques Esculier, WABCO offers innovative technologies for road transportation globally and has pioneered the integration of ABS for commercial vehicles in the country. The collaboration with Tata Motors and introduction of the ESC feature will help in backing the vision of the Indian Government in terms of ensuring better road safety and driver safety. ESC comes with self-learning abilities which aid manufacturers with regard to reducing the need to test all vehicle variants physically throughout the homologation procedure according to him.

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