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Tata Tiago - IBB Review

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Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago is a new book for Tata. The moment you open it, you get that new book smell. Tata Tiago is as fresh what you can get from the house of Tata Motors. It is a freshly brewed concoction with a refreshing and pleasing design, superbly finished interiors and powered by a new set of petrol and diesel motors. We at IBB reviews this very important car which a teaser car for Tata, hinting the resurrection journey that Tata Motors has embarked upon to change the way Tata cars are looked upon by the car buying public. Let us do the litmus test on the new kid from Tata to test it whether it is really worth the Fantastico tag?

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Tata Tiago Exterior


First and foremost, the car has no resemblance or carry forward any design cues or elements of any existing cars in the Tata stable. The car has a  rounded and well-proportioned looks making it a pleasant car to look at. The designer has done a fantastic job making it a beautiful car without using many edgy and sharp elements in the design. The front has a piano black grill with hexagonal cutouts giving it a cheerful face. The swept back headlamps seamlessly gel with the grill. The side profiles are well proportioned with a set of crease lines, one at the lower and the other at the waist line. The rear design is similar to the designs spotted on the competition. The spread out and well sized rear lamps and the rear spoiler with blackened edges gives a sporty character the car. The 14-inch wheels very well fill the wheel wells. At a length of 3746 mm, the Tata’s baby car is significantly longer than the competition. The car has a wheelbase of 2400 mm, which is 25 mm short compared to the Celerio while at 1535 mm it is shorter than both the Celerio and i10 Grand.

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You will double check to make sure it is a Tata car once you step inside. The execution of the interior fit and finish is simply superb and quality levels of Tiago is a class apart compared to any car in the Tata Motors stable. The quality levels are in the premium hatchback league. Coupled with an airy cabin, interiors are one of the biggest USP of the Tiago. Tata has done extensive homework to ensure a nearly flawless execution of the interiors. Right from the plastics for the dashboard, the textures used on various elements,  the switches, the controls, knobs and the steering wheel has a quality and premium air to it. Fantastic job by Tata!

Tata Tiago Interior

The body colored side air vents is a nice touch on the dash. The center console is dominated by the Harmaan developed infotainment system, which offers facilities like aux-in, Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone and can be synced to your phone to display navigation instructions on the infotainment display.

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The car comes with a lot of storage spaces to store your knick-knacks including water bottles. The car has a cooled glove box which is spacious. The rear and front passenger have ample legroom and shoulder room, however, a little more thigh support for both the rear and front seats would have improved the occupant comfort. The car gets a 240-liter boot which is ample for a weekend getaway.

Engine and On the Road Performance

Powering the Tiago twins are a newly in-house developed 3-cylinder motors, the 1.2 Liter Revotron Petrol and the 1.05 Revotorq Diesel motor. The petrol is an under square engine which dispenses 84 bhp power and 114 Nm torque. The Revotron petrol motor gives adequate power for all your city commutes, however, the car easily runs out of breath on the highways. The engine is not revv happy either. The refinement levels are pretty good in the lower to medium RPMs and the sound of the 3-cylinder starts seeping into the cabin post the 3500 rpm mark.

Tata Tiago Engine

The 1.05 Liter Revotorq diesel engine, derived from a heavily reworked 1.4 Liter Indica engine sans a cylinder is definitely a better motor of the two motors. The engine generates a healthy 69 bhp and a higher 140 Nm torque. The car is sluggish below the 1500 rpm and once past, the turbo kicks into amplifying the engine output making the progress quick. The gearshifts on both the units can be termed as average.  Both the diesel and petrol engines are pretty fuel efficient. The petrol unit did 17.2 Kms and 20.8 Kms on a liter of petrol in the city and highway conditions. The diesel unit covered an impressive 18.8 Kms and 23.2 Kms on a liter of diesel in the city and highway conditions respectively. The car has good straight line stability at legal speeds. The suspension is set little on the firmer side, however, Tata has tuned to ensure that the ride is pretty comfortable for the occupants even on rough surfaces. The car come with an Electrical Power Steering System (EPS).

IBB Verdict

Tata has done a tremendous effort to offer a world-class small car, drawn on a clean slate. The efforts really show with the styling, interior quality and the indigenously developed efficient set of engines. As usual, Tata as a part of their More Car per Car philosophy has given a fantastic Rs 3.20 Lakhs to Rs 5.54 Lakhs price (ex-showroom Delhi Price) for the car, positioning it significantly lower in the price spectrum compared to the competition. Yes, Tata really Fantastico.

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