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Tesla fails to reach promised bhp and faces lawsuit.

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The 2017 revival of the Tesla model S P85D was advertised as a sedan that hones speed and power at an equally impressive degree. A single speed transmission, with a top speed of 225 Kmph and a sudden acceleration of 0-60 mph in 3.2 secs allows S P85D to zoom past way faster than a Veyron, standing to be one of the fastest sedan in the world. Whereas a four-wheel drive, an independent double wishbone front suspension, an independent multi-link rear suspension and a wheel base of 2960 mm is supposed to capacitate S P85D with the typical smooth handling and stable mobility of a sedan class vehicle. The issue however, lies with the power of the engine. Tesla promised its customers to expect 690 bhp at 5950 rpm and a peak torque of 649 Nm from this sedan. Unfortunately, according to 80 Tesla owners in Norway, the car only reaches a torque of 462 bhp.


The customers are highly disappointed with Tesla's false promises of power. Although it still remains to be one the fastest sedans in the world, a fall back on the power has rendered the customers with a severe blow to their expectations. In a similar case earlier in December 2016, a group 133 Norway Tesla owners filed a class action suit against the company and reached a deal, with handsome compensations. The present 80 Tesla owners are referring to the same case, where the owners were compensated with a payment of 65,000 kroner or provision of new equipments, and are claiming for a similar compensation.

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A talk is in the air, that another group of 38 Tesla owners have been facing similar problems with the vehicle, and have since approached for a similar lawsuit against the company this past autumn. Evaluating all the associated facts, the plaintiff's lawyer, Christoffer Falkeid has arrived at a statement that, "It's the same kind of case that ended up in a compromise the last time." The lawyer has been making further attempts to negotiate some sort of an off the record settlement, however, if accords are failed to be struck by April, then an Oslo civil court will be taking up the lawsuit under the category of a civil complaint. Christoffer Falkeid on behalf of the plaintiff, has additionally claimed that, “It’s about the power of the car and the mistakes in marketing and in the sales process but I do not want to go into amounts."

With repetitive lawsuits of similar cases, the issue is unlikely to be an isolated event. The company most likely will be reeling in a chunky weight of ill-repute and will be paying off significant compensations. However, Tesla, the innovators of electric car, with a variety of over 8,465 units sold to date, are sure to face a conceding blow from these litigations, but it is unlikely to pull down their sales by a significant mark.

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