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Things To Be Mindful When Buying A Pre-Owned Car

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Yes. We understand that buying a new car or even a used-car can sometimes be challenging or confusing. But that is yesterday’s news. Today, challenges aside, used-car buying has never been easier and faster. With the used-car segment growing neck-and-neck with the new car segment with figures like 3 million used-cars sold in India in 2014, as compared to 2.5 million new cars to prove it. And with the many certified, car dealers and online auto portals, the whole experience has become completely hassle-free and the vehicle is literally delivered to the customer on a platter.

Some applicable tips to take note of when buying a used-car would be:

1. Laying the groundwork

  • Choose a used-car that befits your budget, usage and requirement. Therefore, it is good to research and plan on the type of car and model before seeking the perfect match.

  • Always have a checklist handy. This will aid you in your search for cars, types, models, fuel economy and pricing. Therefore, if you were to visit a certified used-car dealer or visit online car portals like IBB, Indianbluebook.com, you could compare and contrast against the vast data available regarding pricing, user feedback, articles, recommendations and proposals.

  • For financing, insurance, warranties and other assistance, compare interest-rates and also see what added extras you get in return for buying a used car online. In this instance, IBB or Indianbluebook.com offers a couple unique products like Autoinspekt which is a is a used-car Health Report undertaken by IBB’s qualified inspectors who will schedule an inspection and assess a car’s condition and submit a comprehensive report that is helpful to a buyer. There is also another offering from IBB, IBB Trade with access to a genuine buyer base that helps you gauge a car’s value and pricing correctly and thus assuring that you are not overpaying.

2. To hone down on the right used-car seller

In today’s scenario, it is best to trust and rely on online car portals to carry a trade or purchase on your behalf. As the credibility and dependability of online portals are on the rise and with more and more customers’ flocking to the many websites like IBB or Indianbluebook.com to survey, research, review, buy and sell used-cars, the bevy of information available at your fingertips, it has never been better. Coupled with ease of transactions, lesser wait-periods, assistance, inspections, roadside assistance and complementary add-ons, the going is great.

3. Explore and shortlist used cars of your choice

Engage in, in-depth market research to choose the vehicle that would suit your penchant.  With easy access to wide-ranging information online, it is a major timesaver and is not energy sapping. You do not have to visit used-car dealerships, or check out cars listed in classified ads, or even go checking out friends’ or relatives referred vehicles.  Instead, you can place your trust on the offerings of any auto portal of your choice like IBB, Indianbluebook.com and engage their services.

4. Inspections, credentials and document verification

  • A used-car buyer should always be cautious and practical. Never rely on word of mouth assurances but always go in for detailed checks and inspections to analyze the vehicle’s performance and pricing. In this, IBB could be of great help with their trustworthy, Autoinspekt product which is an inspection and evaluation carried out at your doorstep by qualified inspectors.

  • Check the VIN number of the used-car to verify its exact year of manufacture and any car history, if available.

  • Always request for originals of the requisite Forms 28, 29 and 30, delivery certificate, registration certificate, insurance papers, warranties, PUC certificate and duplicate keys at the time of purchase.

5. Negotiate and Finalize the Deal

  • Always leave some room for negotiation. Based on pricing discovery on IBB and other important data, a buyer can be sure that they wouldn’t overpay.

  • After a thorough inspection and analysis, you know the vehicle’s performance, history and condition; therefore, you need pay only the determined price.

  • Stick to your line of thought and do not be pressured or forced to make bad decisions or commit to anything untoward or unseemly.

In the burgeoning automobile market of new and second-hand or used cars, it is seemingly prudent to go in for pre-owned cars especially for first-time owners. Studies reveal that the used-car segment is dominated by entry-level or first-car buyers. This only goes on to prove that it is steadfast and credible; Over the last decade, the secondhand car market has grown in size and stature. And with most car makers and dealers offering certified cars and with trusted websites like Indianbluebook.com taking a giant’s leap in giving a customer a new-age experience in the used-car segment, it is definitely here to stay.

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