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Top 10 Tips for Driving in the Hills

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Driving in the Hills - Be a Master

Driving on the hills, negotiating the twisty ghat sections are more challenging than driving on the straights. Mastering the skill of ghat section driving makes driving a pleasure as well as enjoyable for the driver as well as the co-passengers.

  • There are a lot of blind spots and the vehicles coming in the opposite direction can cut into your lane while negotiating the hair pins.
  • It is important that your car is in the right gear when ascending as well as descending. Don’t rush to up-shift. Maintain enough torque and downshifting help in engine braking while descending.
  • Brakes get heated while descending on constant use. Hence, combine both brakes as well as engine braking while descending the ghats.
  • Turn your head along with the car while cornering. This helps in maneuvering the car better on the twisties.
  • Take a break. Most of the ghat sections offer you great sceneries. Spend some time enjoying the natural beauty. Remember to park your car properly, without obstructing the traffic.
  • Smooth and steady. Maintain a smooth driving style on ghats. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking. This makes you as well as your co-passengers tired. Also, some passengers may get giddy on the ghats.
  • Don’t tailgate or allow being tailgated.
  • Don’t race against time, it is extremely dangerous. Also, plan to overtake well in advance and do only when you have good visibility.
  • Avoid night driving, especially if you are negotiating the section for the first time.
  • Always give way to vehicles going uphill, as they lose the momentum when slowed down.

Bonus Tips:

  • Use horn wisely
  • Give sufficient gap for a truck/ bus while following as well as one negotiating a hairpin in the opposite direction. Wait for the truck/ bus to complete the hairpin (when coming in the opposite direction) as they take wider turns and cut into the opposite lane.
  • Be- considerate, it pays.

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