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Toyota Innova Crysta - Will Toyota Repeat History?

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Toyota has launched its much awaited Toyota Innova Crysta. The new car has an altogether fresh design and is powered by a new set of diesel motors. The car has big shoes to fit, of the outgoing Innova which is known for its legendary reliability and unparalleled comfort in the segment. Toyota has tried to infuse a desirability factor in the new one compared to the plane-jane but the reliable older version of the Innova. The car has been launched at a considerable premium over the outgoing model and is it worth it?

Toyota Innova Crysta


Toyota has put in a lot of efforts to mask the MPV silhouette of the Innova by adding elements of zing all around the car. The new one has a prominent hexagonal shaped grill with ridges to make it appear 3D. The front end is flanked by sharply shaped headlamps which house projector units and DRLs. Compared to the mono-volume approach of the earlier design, this model has a distinctive nose to give it a better stance. Toyota has tried to add in some interesting design cues like tapering glass area, drooping roof line and a wider base to tear away the MPVish looks from the side and still the MPVish look filters in. The car has a boomerang shaped set of rear lamps coupled with flush mounted rear windscreen and Toyota has used ample dose of chrome to brighten up the rear.


Toyota has really upped the game and to put it, the interior design, fit and finish belong to the Corolla- Camry league now. Toyota has vastly improved on the comfort and space parameters. The dashboard has a more car-like interior and Toyota has used right amounts of black plastic, wood, brushed steel and metal elements to give a thoroughly reworked modern looking dash and other interior elements. The front and the rear Captain Seats are much bigger and are far comfier. And more importantly, Toyota managed to perfectly blend practicality, quality, and style in the interior of the Innova Crysta. The car has a very much usable third row of seats which offers reasonable comfort and space of its occupants.

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The car gets a touchscreen infotainment system, blue ambient lighting and separate climate control module for the rear passengers. Overall, Innova Crysta is profligate on space, the design and quality belong to the premium sedan category.


Powering the new Innova are a set of new engines.  2.4 Liter diesel that dispenses 150 bhp power and 343 Nm torque and is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. Also, Toyota is offering a 7-speed automatic, 2.8 Liter unit that churns out 174 bhp and 360 Nm torque. This is a considerable jump from the 2.4 Liter, 102 bhp engine found on the older one. Also, the car comes with three power modes namely: Eco, Normal, and Power.

Handling and Ride Comfort

The car has considerable body role and always reminds you of its people carrier image when negotiating twisties. However, it handles potholes and rough surfaces with aplomb. The car swallows and filters all sorts of undulations on the road and give a composed and pliant feel on otherwise unsettling surfaces.


The car is priced at a considerable premium over the outgoing model. The car is launched at  Rs 13.84-20.78 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) price bracket. Will the customers ready to pay that sort of money on a people carrier? The fact remains, Toyota has consciously pushed Innova a segment or two up the ladder to make it look and feel premium. The customers will definitely appreciate the improvements brought in by the Toyota in the Innova Crysta. Even at this price range it is difficult to rival the comfort and practicality offered by this car under the Rs 25 Lakhs price bracket. And more importantly, the stellar and un-comparable resale value coupled with the legendary reliability offered by the Innova Crysta will definitely play a contributing role in the sales of Innova Crysta in the coming days.

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