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Trezor and Zoe Electric cars to be displayed in Auto Expo 2018

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Renault, a French car maker, is one the leading automobile company in India which comes up with upgraded car model every year. The electric cars are proving to be a strong contender to the conventional fuel run cars. The electric car has been around in the automobile market for almost half a decade now with the total tally of electric cars rising every passing day. Electric cars have proven to be advantageous over the conventional fuel cars including cheaper maintenance and being more environment friendly. Many automobile companies have started manufacturing electric cars keeping in the mind the numerous upsides of the car as compared to the gasoline powered ones and Renault is not far behind either with two of its electric cars, Trezor and Zoe, lined up for unveiling in the Auto Expo 2018

The Trezor is an electric high-performance two-seater GT concept car that has been equipped with high end technology and eye catching features. The car is powered by a Formula-E-sourced 350hp electric motor which derives its power from two large batteries present in the front and back. It can accelerate to a speed of 100 kph within 4 seconds. The car has a central carbon fibre spine and will run on 21 inch and 22 inch wheel in front and back respectively. Cabin features like leather wrapped bucked seats, wooden-framed luggage compartment, rectangular steering wheel, screen based instrumentation with 2 large displays and 3 small displays are noteworthy too.


The Zoe will be powered by a new 41kWh battery that uses a standard 7 kW charger which fully charges in 8-9 hours and gives a driving ranges of about 300 km. The European version has a driving range of up to 400 km and can charge up to 80% within 65 minutes courtesy the quick charger.

Renault will also be bringing the Formula 1 contender car RS17 for a display at the Auto Expo this year. It will be powered by a turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 mill which is mated to an eight-speed titanium semi-automatic gearbox.  The car is equipped top end features like carbon discs and pads from Brembo, brake cylinders from AP Racing, composite moulded carbon fibre chassis, aluminium honeycomb monocoque, and steering wheel equipped with shift paddles and clutch paddles that makes it worthy Formula 1 contender car.

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