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Gear up with the Revving Upcoming SUVs– Part 1

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Off late, SUVs have become a craze and to cater to the needs of the buyers’ carmakers are coming up with bigger and better models at more affordable prices.

Now who wouldn’t want an SUV for the price of a hatchback?

Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming SUVs in the near future:

Maruti Ignis

Maruti Ignis which is a hit in markets abroad is soon to be launched in India by early next year. This car will fall under the micro SUV category and will definitely be an affordable vehicle. The Ignis is said to be powered by a 1.2L Petrol engine and a 1.3L diesel engine – both these are similar to the ones present in the ever popular model, Swift. MSIL will make the Ignis available through the various Nexa dealership networks.


Engine Type – 1.2L and 1.3L

Power&Torque – 84.3PS - 115Nm and 75PS - 190Nm

Transmission – Manual (5 speed)

Estimatedmileage – 18 km/l and 25 km/l

Expected to launch – Early 2017

Approximate Price – INR 5 – 7 lakh


Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Mahindra Mini Bolero

One of the most popular manufactures and one of their popular cars – the Bolero is undergoing a makeover and will soon be available in a smaller and more compact version. Couple of features on the exterior and interior will be worked on to give a more modern and classy look. With this strategically priced SUV, Mahindra is looking to capture the market –and why not? 


Engine Type – 1.5L Turbo Diesel

Power&Torque – 84bhp 230Nm

Transmission – Manual (5 speed)

Estimatedmileage – 18 km/l

Expected to launch – Late 2017

Approximate Price – INR 6 – 9 lakh

 Mahindra Mini Bolero


Tata Nexon

The upcoming Tata Nexon will be Tata’s first ever sub-4meter compact SUV which will be priced below INR 10 lakh. It was showcased at the Auto Expo 2016 and some points which we could take away from there were that this vehicle is going to be based on the car maker’s latest “Impact Design Philosophy”. A definite head turner because of its striking design and coupe-SUV stance, the Nexon is waiting to see the light of day!


Engine Type – 1.2L petrol and 1.5L diesel

Power&Torque – 110bhp-140Nm and110bhp – 210Nm

Transmission – Manual/Automatic (6 speed) – Petrol and Diesel

Estimatedmileage – 18 km/l and 25 km/l

Expected to launch – Early 2017

Approximate Price – INR 7 – 10 lakh


Chevrolet Orlando

With a new strategy in place and with an aim to capture the market all over again, GM’s SUV is likely to play a huge part in this. Details are still unknown and facts are still underway. This car which is an international success is set to take on the Indian market in the coming months.


Engine Type – 1.8L petrol/ 2.0L diesel

Power & Torque – 141bhp – 150Nm  and 131bhp – 320Nm

Transmission – Manual/ automatic (5  or 6 speed)

Estimated mileage – 18 km/l

Expected to launch –2017

Approximate Price – INR 7 – 10 lakh



Chevrolet Orlando

Part 1 of this mini guide to affordable SUVs can help you decide your next vehicle and more so, which SUV it is going to be.

Whether a small drive with the family, or a road trip or even commuting from Point A to B, this guide will surely help you decide your next vehicle!

Stay tuned to www.indianbluebook.com, the auto portal for Part 2 of the same series.

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