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Volvo Is Going To Launch BS-VI Cars before the Month of April 2020

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Volvo has already received many complaints about the Euro-VI globally but they were not introduced in India because the BS-VI fuel is not available. Volvo is a luxury carmaker of Swedish is planning the launch of complained models of BS-VI in India. But it will take place in the upcoming years and it is expected to be launched in the April month of the year 2020. A top official of the company said that it will be launched after following the emission norms strictly.

Future Ready:

The government is now planning to increase the amount as well as the availability of the BS-VI fuel and once if the fuel reached the compatible level then it will be launched. The company of this model said that the cars are future ready and it will be introduced after the fuel reaches the availability in Delhi. They have already Complaint vehicles of Euro-VI but it is not introduced because of the unavailability of the BS-VI fuels in India.

 Volvo has already introduced that each and every model which will be introduced after 2019 will be electrifying with an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The Managing director of Volvo Auto India Charles Frump said “We are ready for the future and we will access the possibility of launching the complaint cars before the deadline given by the government if the Delhi is available with the fuel in advance. India will get access to many different products which reflect this kind of strategy”.


“To drive the environment in a sustainable manner and in future we will definitely place the electrification at the core of the business. After 2019, the entire range of the cars will be launched globally and the cars will be hybrid and electrified” he added. Frump also said, “The Global aim of the Volvo Cars is to have one million cars on the road by the year 2025 and too the cars should be electric as well as electrified”.

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Improving Availability:

Last month the Government of India has decided to adopt the BS-VI fuel in Capital as an advance to check the air pollution which is growing. Three oil PSU’s said that they will provide BS-VI fuel to the capital from their refineries which are located in Mathura, Bina, and Bhatinda from the month of April. The three oil PSU’s includes Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL), Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd(BPCL) and IOC as well.

Also, there is no availability for BS-VI in India the government is deciding to launch the fuel in India with the help of three oil PSU’s. So that it is able to use the electrifying cars. The government also decided to increase the availability of the BS-VI in Delhi NCR to launch the complaint models which are working under strict norms. The model is the previous one which has already launched in other countries and received many complaints.

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