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Volvo Has Officially Confirmed Its First Electric Car For The Year 2019

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Volvo is a very popular carmaker of Swedish and is well-known among the people for their unique as well as innovative cars. Most of the Volvo fans are eagerly waiting for its official launch of new innovative cars and to satisfy all their customers Volvo has revealed excellent news for everyone. This good news was its official launch of the electric car. Yes, Volvo is going to launch an electric car in the year 2019 and it was the first carmaker that electric car is going to launch in India.

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Volvo Has Officially Confirmed Its First Electric Car For The Year 2019

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Though the government has aimed to see the country with electrified cars in the year 2030, the Volvo is going to launch hybrid, electric and mild-hybrid car versions from the year 2019. It has also announced that its first electric car will be launched in the year 2019. The hatchback model of this battery electric model will be based on the concept of 40.2 which has been revealed by them last year. It is also stated that this concept will be utilized in forty badged family of the car models.

This arrival of this electric car will be from the year 2019 and there are many cars line-up by Volvo to take part in the Auto Expo 2018. As announced last year, Volvo has officially made its confirmation about the arrival of the electrified cars. It will also include hybrid, battery electric as well as mi-hybrid models. The entire line-up of Volvo from the year 2019 will consist of electrifying models.

Last year at the launch of SC40 in September, Hakan Samuelsson who is the head of Volvo said that among all the other electric variant cars, the battery-electric car will arrive first and as he said it is going to arrive soon. The R & D boss of Volvo, Henrik Green stated that with this 40.2 concept of product model they are aiming for a range of 499km. This concept of production is also expected to achieve a big success.

Volvo carmaker was the first to announce that they are planning for electrifying models of the car which will arrive from 2019 and they said this on the last year itself. Also, Volvo automaker plans to line-up with models like V40 hatchback, flagship S90 sedan, S60 sedan & its derivatives, XC90 which is recently updated and V90 Cross Country as well. Volvo has also decided to bring SC40, the smallest SUV and it will be launched in India in the middle of the year 2018.

The Volvo XC40 will be designed based on the CMA which is nothing but Compact Modular Architecture. Regarding its concept, the powertrain of this model will be based on battery electric and it will produce 217 range of miles and they are aiming to bring it around 310 miles. “Volvo will make use of the modular battery for the models which are electrifying, but the minimum range of the car will have to decide,” Green said. He also said that for the convenience of their customer they are going to feature it with tons of range for the petrol tank. It will arrive in 2019 and get ready to enjoy your ride in this electrify model.

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