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What does the future hold for electric cars in India

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The latest trend in the car market is the use of electric cars. It is proving to be a strong contender to the conventional fuel run cars. The electric car has been around in the automobile market for almost half a decade now with the total tally of electric cars on US roads reaching up to 38% of the total vehicle population. Electric cars have proven to be advantageous over the conventional fuel cars including cheaper maintenance and being more environment friendly. Many automobile companies have started manufacturing electric cars keeping in the mind the numerous upsides of the car as compared to the gasoline powered ones. India is not far behind either with the Indian Government supporting a switch from fuel cars to the electric ones setting a high standard of about 40% electric cars being sold in the country by 2030.

Maruti Suzuki is one the leading automobile company in India which comes up with upgraded car model every year. Thus it does not come as surprise that the hype of electric cars have taken them to make a decision to manufacture the same in India. However in spite of the growing demand of electric cars, the fuel cars have not lost ground in the automobile market. The biggest reason for this lies in the fact that initial cost of electric cars are quite high and currently the options of buyers in this section is few. The cost of maintenance may be less but currently electric cars are costlier than gasoline cars. However it is expected that the cost can be reduced in the coming years with more production and technological advancement.Since its inception a few years back the electric car has gained popularity. But the buyers are still looking for more options in electric cars in terms of design, technology and features. The limited option is a draw-back but car makers are working towards the launch of newer variants in the coming years.

What does the future hold for electric

Maruti aims at selling their first electric vehicles by 2020 but manufacturing the vehicles is not the only hurdle that they have to overcome. It might seem like a problematic situation if you are out for a drive and the charge runs out. Even though the electric car is playing catch up with the fuel cars the facilities needed for smooth is still in the development process. Gas stations are plenty all over the world for fuel cars but charging stations are yet to come up. Hence Maruti is looking up to set up charging stations all over the country along with the manufacturing of the cars which will match up with the cars manufactured by the parent companies of Suzuki and Toyota. Maruti has not yet gone out of its way to compete with the two car brands and will follow the same technologies. Suzuki will be making batteries at its new Gujarat plant, only battery cell manufacturing facility in India, allowing Maruti to sell the EVs by 2020. To reach their desired goal of 40% EVs on road the total EV population must be around 4 million which is a tough task to achieve considering the enhanced need to battery cells which in turn points towards the need to more plants manufacturing the batteries in India.

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