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10 Tips To Clean Your Car

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Driving around in a Clean Car and its Effects

The blissful feel of driving around in a freshly washed and cleaned vehicle is something that any person who drives a car would instantly relate to. In fact, everyone enjoys it to the hilt and the happiness is evident in the driver’s stance, and confidence. Keeping your car in pristine condition can be equated to keeping your house, garden or surroundings clean. And therefore, regular cleaning of the car, both its exterior and interiors is of utmost importance and it makes a significant difference, making its presence ever felt.

Car Washing Tips

What are your Regular Car Dirtying Contributors?

There are a couple external factors that contribute to your car getting dirty. Some of them include:

  • Dirt accumulation – Washing sooner than later is the best option as dirt can build-up quickly and enormously.
  • Bugs – The car’s paint is ruined by enzymes released by dead bugs.
  • Tar
  • Sap
  • Bird droppings – Bird droppings are corrosive as they have high uric acid content. Getting rid of bird droppings sooner is better it can eat away into the wax and then affect the paint.
  • Spilled beverages – The interior of your car, the seats, carpet get spoilt and stained when liquids are spilt.
  • During rains, the water can stain the exterior body of the car If not tended to regularly.
  • Driving in areas where there is slush or mud.
  • Long-distance driving can lead to a lot of dirt accumulation.
  • Areas where there is lot of wind causes dust to collect on the vehicle’s exterior and interiors.
  • Pollution from the air settles on the car’s outer layer.
  • Pets are also dirt contributors.
  • Open windows allows dust and dirt to collect in the insides of the car.

Why Clean Cars? What is the Necessity to Clean Cars?

The interiors and exterior of the car are susceptible to discoloration, cracking, paint peeling, and other damages. This can be avoided by consistent cleaning, treatment, and maintenance.

Dirt can damage and degrade the paint layer if not paid attention to or tended to regularly. Although, modern car finishes are covered with a clear coat to protect the primary layer, even this will not last long if you do not maintain it. And maintain it well!

Your Car Cleaning Assessment

Your car cleaning, the frequency and requirement entirely depends on how often the car is driven and the conditions it goes through when driving it around. Therefore, it would be a good to examine your car, and assess what cleaning is required, engage in it, so as to give your car a neat, freshly chiseled look.

And what are the Tools or the Ways to clean your Car like any Pro?

A good knowhow tool is the awareness of how to clean your car the right or precise way; this can go a long way in maintaining your new and clean car look. Washing cars need not necessarily be a chore. The act can be relaxing, therapeutic, fun, and even a chance to bond with family over the weekend.

Let's take a look at simple methods that can be followed by you to clean and detail your car like a Professional:


  1. Hand wash is the Best Carwash

Hand washing your car is the best possible way of experiencing the tangible shape of your car and you familiarize yourself with the surface of your car.

To clean your vehicle's exterior, there are a couple essential tools required which include some buckets of water, wash cloth and a soft brush with bristles. With a bucket of car wash shampoo and buckets of plain water, you are good to go. The wash cloth is rinsed periodically in the car shampoo and then water so as to wipe and clean the cars. The soft brush can be used in harder to reach areas like bumper gaps, crevices etc.

Here’s an important point to note. It makes a big difference to the car when using a car shampoo as compared to any detergents to wash the car. Though detergents work fine,  this is not advisable as it tears out the protective wax coating on the car, exposing the vehicle to possible nicks, scratches, stains and dents. On the other hand, the carwash solution preserves the car’s finish.

  1. Rinsing the Vehicle

Rinse the entire car with water. Always pre-rinse with water to remove any loose dirt and dust and remember to rinse from top to bottom, a section at a time. After the pre-rinse, select an area to wash and repeat the rinse process. After which with the wash cloth and shampoo, work one section, at a time. Always washing from top down is the key. This way, gravity works in your favor. Reason being, tyres carry the most dirt and grime and there is a chance that the cloth carries the dirt back onto the car’s surface and doubles cleaning time and could also cause scratches. After a final rinse, you are done.

  1. Prevention of Water spots

Water spots are basically spots or marks that come from minerals in water. It leaves deposits on the surface when allowed to air dry. After the rinse process, it is very important to use a microfiber towel to prevent water spots. On the contrary, using a cotton towel or bath towel is one of the primary causes for swirls or marks on the paint. As the microfiber towel is made from a very absorbent material, it leaves the car looking spotless and shiny!

  1. Wheels and Tyres

Vehicles these days come equipped with alloy wheels that are painted brushed or have a clear coat finish. These new designs require special cleaning treatment similar to car paint. A wheel cleaner, specially designed for wheels aids in cleaning as a lot of dirt and dust gathers in the brake pad. Also high pressure water and cleaning agents, helps displace build-up. Detergents and acid-based cleaning products should be avoided as it oxidizes the alloy wheels and can possibly damage wheels that are painted or clear coated.

  1. Touch-up Cleaning of Paintwork

At times, bird droppings and pollutants get lodged on the car and seep through the wax coating and affects the paint. To ensure that the surface has no lodged stuff, run your hands on the car’s surface and if it feels rough, then it needs cleaning. There are two ways to clean contaminants: Chemically or Physically. Firstly, use paint cleaners which help dislodge particles. And secondly, rub the surface with paint cleaner, lubricated with a liquid wax cleaner. Usually, a combination of both also works very well.

  1. Polishing: To Smooth the Paint

Polishing the vehicle’s surface gives a shine, makes it standout and look almost new. For beginners and those trying at home, an oscillating polishing machine comes in handy. 

  1. Protecting Paint with Wax

When a vehicle leaves the factory, it has a new shiny coat, which over time, wears off. The shiny coat protects the paint and when it wears off, the paint is left unprotected. The best replacement for this is, wax. Wax too wears off in due course of time. But till it lasts, it protects the paint by absorbing stains and small scratches and no damage is evident. Therefore, it is ideal to regularly wax the car or use liquid wax, so as to avoid stains and scratches on the car’s surface. This will protect and keep your car looking brand-new.

  1. Shiny Glass

Grime and dirt often collects on glass. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep glass cleaning to the last. To get best results, use a microfiber cloth and buff the glass as it leaves no marks. Another noteworthy point is to avoid cleaners with ammonia as it is bad for the instrument panel and vinyl upholstery.


  1. Starting with Compressed Air and Using a Stiff Brush on Carpets is the Way to Go

Air compressors when fired up are useful to blow dust, dirt, and small particles from the nooks and crannies of the car to a point from where they can be vacuumed. If this doesn’t work, then a stiff brush can be used on carpets and upholstery to loosen dirt.

  1. Cleaning Ducts to Keep the Car Smelling New

By using a portable compressor, the dust and dirt collected over time, can be easily blown out of the AC and heating vents. Dust collected is why we sometimes experience a musty odor in vehicles. Regular cleaning of the vents keeps your car smelling as fresh as spring flowers! Remember – this is the air you breathe in a closed car.

How does a Clean Car contribute to its Longevity?

So, why wait until a thick layer of dirt and grime is formed to clean? All that you have to do is this - Close your eyes and relive the pleasure of driving a neat, clean, nice smelling car and you would definitely not put off this chore or bypass it even. And yes, always, think of cleaning your vehicle as being a long-term investment. Its effect is evident and can be experienced with constant upkeep and preservation. A well-maintained and clean car even boosts the car’s resale value and eliminates wear and tear charges in the long run. Unbelievable isn’t it? It is true. Its effect and reach is longstanding.

And so! What are you waiting for? Go on! Get about cleaning your car and savor and experience the difference!

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