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2019 January 1 onwards High Security Registration Plates are Compulsory

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In a move that is set to offer additional insurance against vehicle burglary, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has declared that High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) will be compulsory on all vehicles fabricated on or after January 1, 2019.

The roundabout illuminates that vehicle makers can deliver their own particular HSRP – if they get a Type Approval testament from a Central Government-approved testing organization – or obtain them from an organization that as of now makes them. The roundabout additionally specifies that the HSRP will accompany a 15-year ensure. On the off chance that it breaks, shrinks or endures some other regular harm inside that era, it should be supplanted by the merchant who fitted it.

2019 January 1 onwards High Security Registration Plates are compulsory

To dishearten falsifying, a chromium-based multi dimensional image will be hot-stamped on the upper left corner of both front and back HSRPs. This stamp will contain the Ashoka Chakra in blue. The 10-digit lasting distinguishing proof number (PIN) will be laser-marked into the base left corner of the HSRPs, and the hot-stamping film to be connected on the letters and numerals of the enrolment number will have 'India' recorded on it.

Also, there will be a third enrolment plate as a self-destructing chromium 3D image sticker, which should be attached on the base left half of the windshield, within. Points of interest, for example, the enlistment number, the enrolling specialist, laser-marked PIN and the motor and case number will be a piece of this sticker.

To guarantee the HSRPs aren't stolen, the roundabout expresses that the back HSRP should be attached with "at least two" non-removable/non-reusable snap locks. HSRPs can likewise be fitted to existing vehicles – however just once the old plates have been surrendered and devastated.

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