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2019 Volvo S60 Sedan First Look By Image Leaked

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Volvo cars are one of the most popular in all over the world, and they are considered as one of the safest cars to choose because of their sturdy built, tactile interiors and amazing safety features. Their cars have the sleek Swedish design and protective safety features. One of their most popular cars in the sedan segment is the Volvo S60 which was launched a few years back. But Volvo has been recently spotted testing a brand new Volvo S60 which is going to be unveiled by the end of 2018 or early 2019. So what are the things to expect? Let us have a look through the article.

2019 Volvo S60 Sedan first look by image leaked

Volvo has a big automobile market in India, and recently the leaked picture of the next-gen 2019 Volvo S60 has already started to arouse curiosity among the Volvo customers. The new Volvo S60 is rumored to be a good upgrade from the already running Volvo S60 series on the roads. Many changes have been rumored to arrive.

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What to expect:

  • The Volvo S60 is supposed to be based on the company's Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) that has also been featured previously in the 90 series and the 60 series. The new S60
  • The S60 has been seen to have the LED tail lamps with the same Thor-hammer shaped design. However, the design for the rear headlights has still not been confirmed.
  • The new Volvo S60 is going to have a better and more tactical interior finish which is supposed to be better in every environment conditions. There will be better leg space and sit features inside the car.
  • Volvo will bring new engine options which will include a range of 2.0-litre petrol and diesel options which will have a power output of 156 bhp to 240 bhp. Volvo S60 will also have a petrol-electric plug-in new hybrid version later in the year.

Final Verdict

Volvo’s earlier S60 model has been a hit in the Indian market among the Indian users. The leaked images of the car show that it will be a premium looking sedan with all the same Volvo safety features an amazing smoothness. The car is supposed to be launched in early 2019 and will give a good competition to other sedans in the segment like Jaguar XE, Mercedes Benz, etc. So if you are a Volvo enthusiast, then you must wait for the amazing Upgrade of Volvo S60.

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