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8 useful tips-Running in a new car

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A car is a collection of moving parts, which work in unison to create motion. Like a new football team that require a couple of practice sessions to reach their peak performance, these parts require a settling-in period to perform smoothly and trouble-free. Running in a new car is crucial for longevity and extracting best performance from your car.

Running in a new car is a debatable thing in this era of modern manufacturing and new generation cars. However, it’s better to be on the safer side by taking it a little easy till the car logs in a few kilometers.

The basic rule is to take it light and smooth in the initial few kilometers on the odometer, before going all pedal to the metal on your new brand acquisition. Find below tips for running in your new car.

  1. Avoid running the engine at higher RPMs. For petrol engines limit to 3000-3500 rpm and 2000-2700 rpm for diesel cars. Avoid lugging in the engine by changing gears too early.
  2. Varying the rpm rather than running the engine at constant rpm for a long time.
  3. New tires have an oily coating. This needs to wear-off before the tires acquire proper grip. Also, look out for signs of any un-even tire wear in the initial stages.
  4. Listen to any unusual sounds from the engine or from other parts of the car.
  5. Let not others drive your car around in the running in period.
  6. Avoid running the car in peak traffic for long and idling associated with it.
  7. Keep an eye on oil and coolant levels.
  8. Be familiar with the basic operations of the car before start driving it. New cars come with new gadgets and infotainments. Proper understanding on operating them is crucial; else they can be distracting while driving.


Running in a new car is crucial in ensuring optimal performance, mileage, reliability and engine life.

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