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Vehicle Inspection - IBB Crash Course

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AutoInspekt  - "Leave nothing to guesswork"

Cars in most households have received their fair share of love and emotional attachment from their owners. It is very difficult for most to bid adieu to their cars and they evoke no less emotion when they participate in their next purchase.

It wouldn't be much of an exaggeration to state that for most Indians, a car is akin to a family member. Car sellers have exploited these emotions and made car selling an art rather than a science of car buying.

Just as one cannot understate the importance of an annual comprehensive health check up, it is equally imperative to thoroughly check the health of the used car before deciding on making it a part of your family.

Did you mention that you are buying it from your cousin? Even though you trust him with all your heart and are positive that he would do nothing to gain at your expense, you can never be too sure that he is completely aware of all the minute details that contribute to the health of the car. There's a chance he could be missing something. 

What are the chances that he would be aware about his car’s engine, which right now might be in running condition but is close to breaking down due to wear and tear? Similar to a situation in which one wouldn’t know about the condition of his heart unless he is proactive about his health check ups, your hypothetical cousin wouldn’t be aware of the health of his car’s engine and other important components unless he is proactive about it. And I bet you wouldn’t wait for an engine seize for the truth to be revealed.


Research reveals that 66% of the used car buyers rely on their own judgment and 69% of the buyers take a test drive prior to making a purchase. However, the question here is how much can a simple test drive reveal? You require an expert’s physical inspection and automation tests to run on the car to know its exact condition at that given point in time.

So be proactive and get your next car’s health check up done. Get to know the precise condition of the car and pay what the car is worth, before you drive it home.

Autoinspekt is one such product that does exactly this for you - a comprehensive car inspection conducted by knowledgeable and objective professionals. Qualified engineers take care to thoroughly inspect the vehicle across a comprehensive checklist and provide a detailed evaluation report, including vehicle history and stolen vehicle report.

There is no need to look for a mechanic you can trust and no need to fall victim to the words of sellers who may be unaware of the actual state of the car under consideration. You can avoid the risk of buying a car with hidden problems with the expert help of Autoinspekt. Autoinspekt is a comprehensive car evaluation package to help determine the quality of the car. Get the speed of automation and the assurance of physical inspection.

Used vehicle inspection to provide you with an independent and unbiased calculation of each vehicles value, so you can claim the cost of repairs or the difference in market value from the seller.

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