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Battery Swap for EVs With The Aim To Reduce The Price

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Every year car makers are launching newer variants of cars to allure the customers and provide them with more features at reasonable rates. Such has been the advancement in technology that cars have gone beyond the use of fuels. The newest kid in the block is the electric car.

The electric car has been around in the automobile market for almost half a decade now with the total tally of electric cars on US roads reaching up to 38% of the total vehicle population. However even though cost of maintenance is less but currently electric cars are costlier than gasoline cars with high initial cost involved courtesy the significant infrastructure overhaul due to the transition from conventional fuel cars to EVs.

Battery swap for EVs with the aim to reduce the price

Sun Mobility has now brought forward a solution to this price problem in the form of the 'Interoperable Smart Mobility Solution' which would involve the swapping of batteries on a pay-per-use basis. All one has to do is replace a depleted battery for a fully charged one at any of their Quick Interchange Stations and make the payment for the same.

The whole process takes about 3 minutes. Sun Mobility provides batteries for different types of vehicles as well as offers time- and usage-based subscription packages. The modular battery packs weigh about 13kg and has a capacity of 1.5kWh. The range varies between 60-65 kilometres for a 2 wheeler and about 35-38 kilometres for 3 wheelers. Currently only 2 and 3 wheelers enjoy the privilege but the same technology is soon to be launched for cars.

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