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Bentley Bentayga - Fastest SUV in the World

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The Bentayga joins its stable mates from Bentley; the ultimate in luxury Mulsanne, the luxurious Flying Spur sedan, and the powerful Continental range, as the new benchmark in the luxury SUV segment.

Bentley Bentayga

Can the new Bentayga do what all Bentleys can do and also do what other Bentleys can’t do?


It’s humungous, bulky and has an imposing look.








The front end is dominated by the signature chromed Bentley grille and double barrel headlamp with attention to the minutest of details. The side is clean and muscular. The rear is unmistakably Bentley but is set pretty high to give the unmistakable SUV stance and off-road capabilities. The car has a fine balance of muscle and finesse.


Bentley Bentayga Interior

At the back, it is pretty palatial. The interior is overloaded with handcrafted wood, leather, and chrome on all surfaces. The car has a lot of technology built inside, there are 90 different ECUs, controlling hundreds of different electrical systems in the car. The car gets a radar guided cruise control, night vision cameras and a state of the art Sat-Nav system. The rear passengers get two full-fledged Android tablets and a remote control. The legroom at the front and rear is simply huge. In short, Bentayga interiors have an old world charm with ultra-modern amenities.

Engine and Performance

A 6.0 liter W-12 Twin turbo petrol motor provides the motive power for the car. The car generates a class leading 599 bhp power and 91.77 Kgm torque.

Bentley Bentayga Engine

The engine is super silent and it just ticks under the hood. Trouble the car by pressing the gas pedal deeper into the carpet and you will see the speedo go past the 100 kmph mark in just 4.1 seconds. It is an alarmingly rapid car and can reach a top speed of 300 kmph, making it the fastest SUV ever built on the planet earth. The car gets four driving modes and four off-road modes.

Handling, Off-road, and Comfort

The car handles brilliantly for its size. It is tight and stable on the corners. The car gets the Bentley Dynamic Ride (BDR). BDR is an active control suspension system that integrates electrically controlled active anti-roll bars, powered by a supplementary 48v electrical system. Using small electric motors, these are a lot faster acting than conventional hydraulic active anti-roll bars, and in combination with air suspension and adaptive dampers deliver a brilliant blend of handling and ride quality – adjustable through a choice of Sport, Comfort, Bentley and Custom drive mode settings.The car may not be matching the Range rover in terms of sheer off-road capability, however, Bentayga has impressive off-road ability infused. The car has an impressive half a meter wading depth. It rides like a Mulsanne and handles like a Continental GT.


The car is priced at Rs 3.75 crores (ex-showroom Delhi) making it not only the fastest but the costliest SUV you can buy in the country. Exclusivity guaranteed!

IBB Verdict

It is never been anything less, but really, really impressive! It is unmistakably Bentley with loads of goodies in a posh package. The car has a perfect balance of power and dynamics. Bentley Bentayga is the new benchmark for the luxury SUVs of the auto world.

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