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BMW i3 S may launch in India

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The BMW i3 S may launch in the Indian market if reports are to be believed. The i3 (pre-facelift) was also considered for a launch in the country but this did not materialize for various reasons. The i3 S was shown at the 2018 Auto Expo and gets a new design for the front bumper, black inlay, accent bar, wider tyres, 20-inch wheels, new rear bumper and black wheel arch borders along with a black roofline.

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BMW i3 S may launch in India

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The BMW i3 S has an electric motor that makes 184 PS and 270 Nm The car can achieve 100 kmph in only 6.9 seconds and the regular version can hit 150 kmph. The S version can touch 160 kmph and gets a sports suspension system that reduces ride height by 10 mm. The vehicle gets the Li-Ion 33 kWh battery which comes with 280 kilometres as the driving range. The i3 S with Range Extender comes with a 0.6 litre two cylinder petrol engine that makes 38 PS and 56 Nm. There is a 300 km driving range and the car can reach 180 km with a full charge prior to the combustion engine charging the battery again. This version hits 100 kmph in 7 .7 seconds

Charging requires two hours and forty five minutes courtesy the BMW i Wallbox 11 kW AC fast charger The battery gets 80% of charge in approximately 39 minutes with this DC 50 kW fast charger.

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