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A car maker’s dream of 1 Million sales in a year has been crossed by Volkswagen Q1

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Germany has given the world some really very good automobile manufacturers and one of the most prominent ones is the Volkswagen that has been in the global markets for quite some time now. This super brand has sold around 15,25,300 units of the Volkswagen Q1 which is considered as one of the most successful models ever made by Volkswagen ever.

A car maker’s dream of 1 Million sales in a year has been crossed by Vol.._

The monthly sales of this car is more over 1,00,000 units which is around 2 times more than the sales of a good or a above average car. So what is it that makes the Volkswagen Q1 so very special and has boosted the sales of the car so very much? The answer is below.

The main reasons why this car has crossed the record sales

There are a lot of reasons why this car has reached record sales all across the globe and some of the main reasons are given below.

  • The Engine and fuel efficiency of the car-

The car is said to have a highly efficient engine with great fuel efficiency that gives the owner of the car value for money that has been invested on the car. The car has a 1.2 litre MPI engine that can gives you a torque of 110 Nm along with a 5 speed automatic and manual gearbox as well. The whole system is just too good to resist and gives you a really fast and extremely comfortable ride on the roads.

  • The suspension system –

Apart from that this car has a unique suspension system that gives the driver as well as the passenger’s extreme comfort and ease. This car is extremely comfortable especially on long off road rides because of the awesome suspension system it has and has been used a lot by people who like long drives with luxury and style.

  • The cost of the car –

The cost of the car is different in different countries of the world so the exact price of the car cannot be determined however the price of the car in USD is around $25,000 to $30,000 which is not bad. The Volkswagen Q1 will give you the value of your money invested which is why investing on this beauty is worth it.

  • Pre and Post Services by Volkswagen -

A lot of times car owners do complain about pre and post services offered by car manufacturing companies all across the globe but when it comes to Volkswagen and the services that they offer things are simply impeccable and you will enjoy their services as much as you will enjoy driving the Volkswagen Q1.

  • The look of the car in whole –

This car basically comes in the Sedan category and has a separate space for storing luggage when you are going on a journey. There is enough foot space inside the car for passengers to sit comfortably and enjoy extremely long journeys. Apart from this the car has a lot of new additives that buyers can choose from.


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