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Car Warranty : IBB Crash Course

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Car Warranty

Warranties are like insurance; you pray to never avail this benefit. Yet bad things happen and that’s when you thank yourself for being wise on the day you bought one. Car insurance covers damage to the vehicle, only in case of an accident. While on other hand, Warranty gifts you the peace of mind, which you can cherish when a part fails to function during normal condition, without burdening your wallet. Indeed, there’s no price tag for ‘peace of mind’!

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Apart from the ‘peace of mind’ for you, these are those most important elements that help to keep your car in good working condition, without costing a lot of money in spares and maintenance, as the spare-part cost and labour cost is covered under it, which again is a ‘Wallet Friendly Deal’! There are vivid varieties for Warranty, depending upon the usage and needs of the car and its owner. Like a ‘New Car Warranty’, which is the one you get while buying a new car from the car dealer, along with other purchases. One can bought an extended warranty anytime before the expiry of new car warranty as well as prolongs the duration covered under it.

Other warranties like, 'Bumper to Bumper' warranty covers everything except the items that were over used, like – tires and brakes. While a ‘Power Train’ warranty covers only those parts that can help your car to move, like engine and transmission. Power train parts, as mentioned above, are most costly to repair (cost approx. 2-3 Lacs in case of engine failure) and hence it is highly advisable to buy warranty when one purchase a used car.

At IBB, nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction. We want used car buying and owning experience to be as pleasant, memorable and informative as possible. We have tied up with Mahindra First Choice as partners, who bring in years of industry experience and provide you with range of class leading warranty products. IBB offers you the luxury of four unique Warranty products for your used car. All these products are available only for certified cars of age up to 10 years and have clocked not more than 1 Lakhs KMs.

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