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Comparison among Freestyle vs WRV vs i20 Active

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Having as of late determined the Freestyle, we can reveal to you that Ford's new cross-bring forth is something beyond a raised Figo with body cladding. There is truly a great deal to discuss, including Ford's new 1.2-liter, three-barrel, normally suctioned oil motor and the new five-speed manual gearbox that introductions on the Freestyle. There's a diesel form on offer too that offers its 1.5-liter motor with the Figo, Aspire and EcoSport.

The Freestyle has rivals in abundance in the cross-bring forth space yet we'll centre around the two models that have discovered support with purchasers – the Honda WR-V and Hyundai i20 Active. Here's the manner by which the Ford contrasts and them on details.

Ford Freestyle


The Freestyle depends on the Ford Figo, the Honda WR-V imparts bounty to the Jazz and the i20 Active is a subordinate of the standard i20. Given that the Figo sits a sub-section beneath the Jazz and i20, it's nothing unexpected that the Freestyle is the littlest among its cross-bring forth equals. At 3,954mm long, the Ford is more than 40mm shorter than the other two and its 2,490mm wheelbase is the littlest also. The Freestyle opens in the middle of its opponents when talking width and stature, with the i20 being the most stretched out and the WR-V the tallest. Purchasers in the portion are certain to take note of the Freestyle runs the littlest wheels; its 15-inchers are a size down on the 16-inch edges that the WR-V and i20 Active accompany. Each of the three cross-hatches wear raised suspensions and sufficiently offers ground leeway also. The Freestyle and i20 Active get 190mm of ground leeway while the WR-V gloats of 188mm.


A visual examination between the Figo, Jazz and i20 should give you a thought of how their cross-bring forth forms think about on space within. The WR-V is the most open by a major edge, trailed by the i20 Active and the Freestyle. As far as boot space, as well, the WR-V has the high ground, with a huge 363-liter boot that is groups more roomy than the i20 Active's 285-liter and the Figo's 257-liter one. While every one of the three models get foldable back seats, the i20 Active's offer the extra adaptability of a 60:40 split.

 Motor and gearbox

As said, the Freestyle makes a big appearance Ford's new 1.2-liter. three-chamber petroleum engine from the 'Monster' family, while the attempted and-tried 1.5-liter, four-barrel process remains the wellspring of rationale control on diesel variations.

Ford's new 1.2 petroleum motor goes straight to the highest point of the power outlines, with its 96hp of energy and 120Nm of pinnacle torque. The WR-V's 1.2 comes in second with 90hp and 100Nm, while the i20 Active is down on control contrasted with the other two with 83hp, however torque is a sensible 115Nm. The oil renditions of each of the three autos make utilization of five-speed manual gearboxes, and none of them can be had in programmed frame. Curiously, Ford guarantees a mileage of 19kpl for the Freestyle which, on paper, makes it more proficient than its adversaries.

With respect to the diesels, the Ford Freestyle's 1.5-liter, four-barrel diesel motor matches the WR-V's 1.5-liter unit on control (100hp) yet its 215Nm torque is 5Nm not exactly the i20 Active's 1.4-liter motor's 220Nm figure. The Ford is the main diesel cross-incubate here to utilize a five-speed manual gearbox; the other two utilize six-speed manual gearboxes.

Discussing efficiency, it's the WR-V that guarantees to extend every litre of diesel the most distant, with an asserted 25.5kpl economy exceeding the Freestyle's 24.4kpl figure. Hyundai claims a 21.19kpl figure for the i20 Active.


Portage has propelled the Freestyle with costs beginning at Rs 5.09 for the base oil and going up to Rs 7.89 for the best spec diesel trim. At this value point, the essentially undermines the Honda WR-V and Hyundai i20 Active on cost. For the record, the WR-V costs between Rs 7.9-10 lakh while the i20 costs between Rs 6.99-10 lakh (all costs, ex-showroom, Delhi). Passage is by all accounts targeting the top notch hatchback fragment with its new offering as the costs recommend a nearby competition with any semblance of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Hyundai i20 hatchback.

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