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Competitor Analysis - Fortuner

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Toyota Fortuner

When it comes to premium SUV, Fortuner was the obvious choice. However, the old Fortuner was long in the tooth and all and sundry were waiting for this comprehensively updated avatar for quite a long time. And finally, it is here. The new Fortuner has big shoes to fill, left by its legendary and capable predecessor.  Toyota has beefed up the mechanicals as well as infused much-needed style upgrade for the new Fortuner.

Ford Endeavour

This bold and brawny SUV from the American manufacturer has already caught the much-needed attention in the premium SUV segment. Ford could really leverage the transition time taken by Toyota to bring the new Fortuner to the Indian market. The boldest looking car in the SUV segment which has an equally capable tough mechanicals to complement. And with the recent price cuts, the car has become more affordable and value for money proposition.

Mitsubishi Pajero

A very capable and practical alternative in the premium SUV segment, which is pulled down by the lack of proper support and commitment from Mitsubishi in India. This car could have easily raked in some good numbers for Mitsubishi. Mitsubishis are equally reliable as the Toyotas in India if not better. You want some exclusivity in this segment, Pajero is the one to go for.

Chevrolet Trail Blazer

Chevrolet gave a heavy and attractive Rs 3 lakh plus price cut on their flagship SUV in India. It’s a large sized honest SUV with pretty good SUV capabilities. It’s a comfortable SUVs with a lot of modernity packed and more importantly the most eligible car to wear the Chevvy brand in India.

Competitor Analysis Toyota Fortuner

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