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Finding the match for your beloved car

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A seller's guide for finding a good match for their beloved car


So you are letting go of your prized possession? Is that nostalgic element tugging at your heartstrings because it was your very first car? Do you fondly recollect the many memories that you have of your car? Are you going through an emotional moment now that your car is on sale? Thinking if your car will be in chop shop or used? 

Well, we agree, just like buying a home, selling or buying a car is a major emotional investment. It is not easy to dispose off your vehicle as it is entwined in emotions and sentiments and the many steps to cover before it finally leaves your stable forever.  

The defining steps to used-car selling:


  1. The first step is the channel adopted to sell cars. You can choose to sell it yourself, engage agents or even trade cars at showrooms. Or you could go online and rely on websites like Indianbluebook.com to help sell your used-car. So how does Indianbluebook.com achieve this? With access to an exhaustive amount of car data related to transactions, prices, values, market preferences, trends, dealers and unique in-house products like Autoinspekt, a used-car Health Report generated by qualified Autoinspekt inspectors and IBB Trade, IBB ensures customers’ of good pricing and a judicious deal always.


  1. Appraise your vehicle prudently, keeping in mind its actual market value, the year, make and model of the car and the mileage added. This could be followed by a thorough research and reliance on websites like Indianbluebook.com and its products like IBB Trade which helps you capitalize on your car’s value with access to a select, genuine buyer base and quick turnaround.
  2. Investing your time and energy in prepping your vehicle before a sale is of paramount importance. A good interior and exterior detailing, minor repair works, an oil change and ensuring the tyres are in good condition, a thorough cleanup, maintenance and some cosmetic upgrades can vastly augment your chances of netting a good price.
  3. It is a picture that conveys it all. Descriptive pictures of your car’s interiors/exterior, dashboard, seats, wheels and special features and accessories helps showcase your vehicle and can definitely help net the right buyer.


  1. After a sale, it is your onus to notify your RTO within 14 days of transaction and submit all mandatory documents. This in a way absolves you from any future issues like fraud or accidents involving your former vehicle.


So what are the requisites to be handed over to a buyer in a used-car sale?

  • Form 28: This form is required only if the buyer is from another state. The form made in triplicate is essentially a ‘NOC’ and ‘grant of certificate’, endorsed by the jurisdictional registering authority, wherein the duplicate and triplicate copy is returned to the seller
  • Form 29: A Form denoting the 'Transfer of Ownership' of the said automobile or vehicle. The Form should be in duplicate, wherein the duplicate copy duly endorsed by the Registering Authority to be given to the seller as soon as the Transfer of Ownership is authorized
  • Form 30: This form is an indicator of the vehicle’s transfer of ownership. This form should be in duplicate, in case the car is bought on Hire-purchase, lease or it is hypothecated. All copies should reflect the chassis number imprint
  • Delivery Certificate: Once the sale is finalized, the new owner issues a ‘delivery receipt’ which clears the seller of any future liabilities
  • Insurance certificate, at least a third party insurance is binding during transfer
  • During transfer of ownership, a PUC or ‘Pollution under Control’ certificate is also mandatory
  • The original Registration Certificate
  • RTO tax paid documents in original
  • Owner’s car manual
  • Applicable warranty information
  • Car invoice papers
  • Duplicate keys

So you have finally embarked on a journey to bid your vehicle adieu and to help ease the process and to make it hassle-free, IBB helps connect customers’ to genuine buyers with factual pricing component. And with generous add-ons like inspections, warranties, roadside assistance and insurance thrown in, it has never been so easy!

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