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Follow these 7 tips for deriving the best fuel economy from your petrol or diesel car!

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Driving is getting expensive these days. The cost of fuel is escalating with each passing day. In most cars in India, the economy figures of fuel have been stated between 15 kmpl to 25 kmpl. However, there are few easy ways which can help you curb fuel economy. Let us take a look at the seven tips mentioned below:

Follow these 7 tips for deriving the best fuel economy from your petrol or diesel car!

1. Keep check on the gear

Some people have the habit of driving their vehicles at a higher speed. As a result, they keep shifting the gear every now and then. Whether you are driving in a crowd-packed area or less crowded area, you should not change gear often.

2. Roll up the window glass

You need not roll down the window glass when you are driving. Keep your window glass rolled up and turn the air-conditioner on to have a proper air flow inside the vehicle.

3. Pay heed to the air pressure of tyre

If you want to have a safe ride and have a better fuel economy, then you should make sure that the tyre of your vehicle isn’t inflated. In order to avoid inflation, you should keep check on the air pressure of your vehicle's tyre from time to time.

4. Cut down on weight

The weight of your vehicle gets increased due to heavy-weight accessories, wheels and body panels. You need to switch to the light-weight wheels and install polycarbonate glass in the windows.

5. Turn the engine off

Do not make your vehicle's engine run when it is halted at a traffic signal. Also, idling your vehicle at a parking lot or any other place for a long time can damage your four-wheeler.

6. Keep the engine cool

The sweltering heat outside and constant use of your vehicle heats up the engine. Make sure to park the vehicle under a shaded area to keep the engine cool.

7. Timely maintenance

You should send your vehicle to the service centre regularly to get all parts checked and repaired. Regular maintenance of your vehicle will provide you good fuel economy in the long run.

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