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Ford Aspire Electric May Launch In India By Next Year

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Ford has benefited considerably from its strategic alliance with Mahindra & Mahindra. The company has tapped into the EV expertise of Mahindra & Mahindra, particularly in terms of building low-cost electric vehicles. Ford is likely to launch the Aspire Electric sedan by next year in India as per reports. This will be costlier than the regular Aspire sedan by a sizable margin although other details have not been revealed as of yet.

Ford Aspire Electric may launch in India by next year

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The Aspire Electric could be more than 4 metres in terms of length. This may be similar to the version of the Aspire that is made in India for several export markets. This version measures 4254 mm in terms of length although its height, wheelbase and width are exactly the same as the regular Aspire model sold in India.

The reason why the car will be longer than 4 metres is because GST on electric vehicles will be levied at 12% irrespective of size. There is no compensation cess as well and hence manufacturers can choose the body style of their preference without worrying about higher taxes.

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