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Ford To Make Electric Cars In Germany By 2023

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Ford, which is one of the leading companies in motors, is planning to phase out gas and petrol cars. In many recent announcements, Ford has made it clear that in order to be in the competitive market, they need to introduce electric cars. Many others are already running ahead. The introduction of Tesla motors has influenced almost every other car company to start designing of electric cars.

Ford To Make Electric Cars In Germany By 2023

A detailed insight for the matter

In many recent auto shows, Ford has revealed their wish to introduce electric cars. In response to this revelation, the officials at Ford have decided to produce their cars from a manufacturing u it in Germany by 2023. Though this concept might look entirely hypothetical, he foresees a strong market in the future.

Gunner Hermann said in this context that, it would roughly take a year and few months to entirely change the factory at Cologne. It would be an estimated expense of 5 billion US dollars. If the sales of electric cars would tower up to more than 40,000 per year, then this amount of investment would be worth. Looking into today's market, electric cars are not so popular. Besides, there is lack of proper charging stations.

With the currently available technology, it will not be profitable enough for the company to start mass production of electric cars. If the sales numbers increase with time then the concept of electric cars would definitely be profitable in the future. With the huge investment plan, Ford plans to introduce 13 hybrid models in the upcoming 5 years along with a fully electric model by 2022.

Why there is a sudden trend to introduce electric cars?

The major trend of electric cars is like a global revolution. In order to provide clean energy, more and more countries have started discarding fossil fuels. Keeping an eye on environmental issues, the car manufacturers have thought and wanted to make pollution-free cars. Thus, the concept of electric cars was born.

With the huge success of Tesla Motors and their electric models, now other car manufacturers are feeling secure to introduce their models in the market. In Germany, new tax rules have been implemented. This rule relieves the electric vehicle drivers from the burden of the tax. Introduction of around 100000 charging points across the country is also a welcoming move.

In Germany, plans regarding research into autonomous driving technology and support for establishing battery cell have also been looked on. Since there is an increased demand for electric cars, so there would be the increased demand of cells too.

Current competition in the market

With the long launched Tesla Motors, this company manages to be on the top of electric car manufacturers. Other companies like BMW, Mercedes etc have also started their clean energy car projects. Apart from these, Volkswagen is also a leading competitor in the market. Apart from these global brands, China is reported to have phased out gas powered cars. Thus, their cars would also be a great competition in the international market.

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