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Formula 1 inspired electric cars will soon be seen on Indian and Australian Roads

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Speed is something that all of us love and strive for and when it comes to cars the fastest ones are definitely the F1 or Formula 1 Cars which are well known for their speed and class. There was a surge for small cars in the market that have a super-strong engine and can rustle along the streets like a lion. Hence some companies have designed these unique Formula 1 inspired electric cars that are expected to be seen on roads all across India and Australia within the end of 2020.

Formula 1 inspired electric cars will soon be seen on Indian and Australian Roads

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What will be so unique about these Formula 1 inspired electric cars 

The first thing that makes these fascinating cars very cool is the amount of power that they possess. It is not normal for a small car to have an engine that is as powerful as the engine of a Formula 1 vehicle. So the speed will be really too good to resist for the fans who will spend a lot on this type of vehicle. The best thing about this vehicle is that it will be a two seater vehicle where only you and your special one can enjoy the ride.

The power train of the vehicle has been kept in a secret so far as the makers of the vehicle want to surprise the buyers with the new and renewed engine that will give the vehicle its super power.  When it comes to the look of the car the things will be very cute and simple where the look of the car will be exactly like small electric cars which are super comfortable.

What about the price of the car

The price of the car is a secret till now as the car is actually in papers now and yet to hit the production area where then original price of the vehicle will be determined. The price of the car is supposed to be around 20 lakh which will be the on road price of the vehicle in India and the price for Australia is yet to be finalized. There is a lot more above the car which determines the price like the interiors of the car where you will see a lot.

To start with you have this superb sound system that gives you the enjoyment of listening awesome music all the way. Then specially designed seats as well that will make you feel comfortable all your journey and then you can enjoy the best journey of your life. The security system is also too good where you have wall sensors that sound when you come too close to a wall or a vehicle before you crash into them. Then there are parking assistants as well with back camera that gives you a clear view of the things around. So you can be pretty sure that you will enjoy yourself in the car all along your journey. So let’s wait for the car to be launched and enjoy the best.


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