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Gear up to rev up the speed on Indian roads as the govt. pushes up speed limit

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The government has increased the speed limit on Indian roads to 120kmph from 100kmph for personal four-wheelers on expressways. The maximum allowable speed for taxis/cabs has been raised from 80kmph to 100kmph. As far as national highways are concerned, the speed limit has also been revised and raised to 100kmph (up by 20kmph) for cars and to 90kmph (up by 10kmph) for taxis/cabs. With a hike of 20kmph, the speed limit for two-wheelers and commercial vehicles is now 80kmph on highways.

Gear up to rev up the speed on Indian roads as the govt pushes up speed

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When it comes to city roads, personal cars and taxis have a similar speed limit of 70kmph and that for the two wheelers has also been increased to 60kmph from 40kmph. However, those behind the wheels should take note of the fact that the above-mentioned speed limits are only applicable on certain stretches of expressways and national highways, and one has to adhere to the lower speed limits stipulated for twisties and other low-speed zones. Also, these speed limits do not hold good for roads passing through any town/village as they are regulated by the state governments.

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