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Hindustan Petrol launches Power 99 in Mumbai

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Mumbai now gets the most astounding octane-appraised oil in India, with Hindustan Petroleum (HP) propelling its excellent Power 99 oil at the organization's Auto Care Centre retail outlet at NS Road. The fuel, which has an octane rating of 99, is focused at top of the line autos and bikes to help build their motor life. Power 99 is now accessible in Bengaluru and Pune, where it has gotten a decent market reaction.

Hindustan Petrol launches Power 99 in Mumbai

As indicated by the organization, Power 99 can withstand a more noteworthy ascent in temperature amid the pressure stroke of an inward burning motor without auto-start, which will then outcome in bring down motor thumping and harm. This settles on it a perfect fuel decision for superior autos and bikes. It is likewise guaranteed to decrease hardware disappointment it doesn't contain any unsafe overwhelming metals and sees lessening in discharges because of predominant burning of the fuel. The organization says that Power 99 can likewise be utilized as a part of different sorts of vehicles.

HP's business inquire about has uncovered that 93 percent of drivers in India utilize ordinary or normal oil and the adjust rest 7 percent utilize premium petroleum. General petroleum in metro urban areas has an octane rating of 91 and those searching for higher octane fuel could discover up to 97 octane at certain fuel pumps.

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