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Honda CR-V’s India Version To Be Updated With 120hp Diesel Engine

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Honda has given a pleasant surprise to India as it has announced an introduction of an updated version of Honda CR-V which would come with a 120hp diesel engine. The SUV has been a successful car on the Indian roads earlier but it was taken off by the company. The initial reason was the car didn’t provide a diesel version, which is in demand even now. Also, the car had limited seats compared to other SUVs which provided two extra seats at the same price range. The makers of CR-V realized that the car needs alteration to expand its popularity further.

Honda CR-Vs India Version to be updated with 120hp diesel engine

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Moving on with its objective to regain control over the roads, the new Honda CR-V has been customized according to Indian market needs. It has been powered with single turbo 120hp diesel engine, just what the market demanded. It is a sensible step taken by the makers, considering the needs of the Indian market. The new SUV has been put up against the likes of Hyundai Tucson. The car has also been updated with India seat-friendly needs. The seven-seater SUV is expected to be on the roads by next year. However, a twin turbo 160hp engine version has already been in the markets abroad.

According to the makers, the response to the new Honda CR-V is expected to be warm. The car is sized similarly to other SUVs like Endeavour as well as Fortuner. This has given people a new option to go for. When seen at the global scale, Honda CR-V diesel version has already been a success. The same is being expected from the Indian market. One of the important points to note is that the Indian version would be similar to the version that was launched in the Philippines. The reason behind this is to offer a reasonable price which could attract buyers. In other places like Thailand, the SUV has a powerful 160hp version with two turbochargers, one for low and the other for high speeds. The one which would be launched in India comes with the single turbocharger.

According to the experts, Honda has one advantage in its hand. The SUV would produce the similar output of Torque compared to the foreign versions, which is certainly a pivotal point when the bulky and muscular SUVs are taken into consideration. Comparatively, the single turbo version produces 300 Nm of torque while the twin turbo version is capable of 350 Nm.

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