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Flat tyre? Fret not! - IBB Tips

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Replace Flat Tyre

Despite significant advancement in automobile technology, there is no escaping a flat tyre. And most of the time when it happens, you’ll be all by yourself! Hence, it is important to understand how to replace a flat tyre and more importantly - not break a sweat! We at Indian Blue Book, bring you step-by-step instructions and tips that help you handle this breakdown & hit the road back again in no time.

How To Change A Tyre

  • Keep calm and Breathe: Remember, panicking does more harm than good. So, unless you’re running late for that meeting, loosen that tie knot and step out of the car calmly to root yourself in the moment. Already feeling better? Great! We presume by now you have already parked your car to a safe and flat spot. Also, don’t forget to turn on the hazard/parking lights before you begin.
  • Bring out the tools: Take out the stepney along with tools. Place the stepney under the car which acts as a cushion in case the jack slips. Ensure you take off the wheel cover before unscrewing the nuts (you can also put a cloth between and pull it out).
  • Loosen the nuts: Loosen the nuts in a diagonal fashion. Keep them together so you don’t misplace any. Some alloy wheels also require Allen key to pop the nuts, so keep that handy too!
  • Jack, out of the box: Now, this can be tricky! But yes, not impossible. Place the jack only at the correct jacking point. In the event of wrong placement, a car can come crashing down. Seek help if you’re really unsure of where it fits. Jack up the car slowly till the wheels are above the ground. Adjust it to an extent where the inflated spare wheel can be easily mounted (inflated tyre obviously will have more height than the deflated one). Once done, take off the deflated tyre and place it under the car for cushion.

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  • Put on the stepaney: Carefully place the spare tyre over the hub bolts. Tighten the nuts with spanner, but not fully. Slowly bring down the car and remove the other cushion tyre before resting it fully on the ground. Once completely down, tighten the nuts fully but not overly.
  • Wipe that sweat and smile: And lo! It’s done. Keep the tools and flat tyre back in the boot. Stretch your arms and legs and cool down with some air-conditioning! You’re good to go but remember, repair the puncture as soon as possible.

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