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HPCL starts home delivery of diesel in Mumbai

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HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) has started its home delivery service for diesel in Mumbai. IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) commenced a similar home delivery facility for diesel sometime earlier in Pune as well. HPCL is also targeting a launch for this facility in other parts of the country. HP Fuel Connect will be delivering the diesel fuel for select customers. These are customers who already possess heavy machinery and fixed equipment at premises in surrounding areas like Uran and Raigad, Maharashtra.

HPCL starts home delivery of diesel in Mumbai

IOC has used a midsized truck for mounting the diesel dispenser and there is a storage tank for hassle free fuel delivery. HPCL is also targeting fuel buyers like shopping malls and commercial zones which make use of gensets powered by diesel and also transport companies which are big consumers. This will be of immense assistance for those who purchase barrels from their local petrol pumps as per the company and will also help buyers save on fuel losses, added expenditure and time in the bargain.

PESO clearance has been provided for home delivery of diesel as a pilot project for the time being. India has 61, 983 petrol pumps and 90% of these are operated by state-run oil companies. This new home delivery mechanism may reduce long queues and waiting periods at petrol pumps. 194.6 million tonnes were consumed by way of fuel for 2016-17 with diesel taking up 40% of this volume as per studies. Diesel and petrol consumption figures were 76 and 23.8 million tonnes for the same period according to reports.

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