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Hyundai Tucson 4 Wheel Drive Launched in India

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Hyundai India always has the best cars for Indian roads and the Tucson 4- Wheel Drive is just another brilliant addition to the already existing models. The Tucson 4WD is priced at Rs 25.19 lakhs and is definitely a car to watch out for. With an Intellimatic feature, the manufacturers are claiming that the car has a definite advantage over its competitor. The model comes with a 2.0 litre GLS automatic variant as well.

It produces a power of 185 bhp and the car can be quite a beast. It also has an output of 192 Nm and comes with a six speed manual transmission as well as a six speed automatic transmission. Moreover, the Tucson is also offering “On Demand 4WD functioning” which means that the SUV would automatically when the 4WD feature has to be engaged and also assesses the nature of the terrain with which it aligns the traction of the rear wheel. The power is also uniformly distributed to all the wheels without the driver’s need for any adjustment and all these features definitely make it a car for the new generation.

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Hyundai Tucson

The manufacturers are also claiming that if the features are all properly engaged from time to time, then it also possible to reduce the depreciation of the car, which would mean a longevity of various parts, making the maintenance of the car a lot more economical in the long run. The 4WD lock mode can also be engaged manually and that would result in a 50:50 distribution of the torque. The Advanced Traction Cornering Control, a first from the stable of Hyundai will help in transferring the maximum torque to the wheel with the maximum grip on the road. The seating arrangements are extremely comfortable with the interiors being well lighted and the seats can be moved back and forward for additional space. The steering wheel has quite a few controls on it but the glovebox might be a bit smaller for a car which has mostly large dimensions.

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It can be said that 4WD option is the key USP of the Tucson and the next level of cutting edge technology it offers. The Tucson is already been touted for its dynamic styling, athletic build and performance, advanced safety aspects- most of them having been upgraded and the stylish interiors and the comfort it offers. Product innovation has always been a priority with Hyundai and the customers are impressed with the features that are offered at such a price point. The car also has hill- assist, electronic stability, down-hill brake control and these features are available across all the automatic models. The down- hill brake is definitely an important safety feature that most cars today are opting for and it is important for an SUV to have it or else it can make the hilly rides quite treacherous. Hyundai has sold about 4.5 million units of Tucson worldwide as of now and the numbers are expected to go higher still.

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