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Sell your used car in 72 hrs : IBB Crash Course

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"IBB Trade : We Ensure you never undersell your car"

It won’t be fair on our side if we tell you “Why you should sell-off your car?” and then leave you there. You might end up driving around, for months, with a ‘For Sale’ sticker on your car and haggling through so many buyers, who never turn up with the cash.

Alternatively, you would get tired and accept an offer that is lower than our precise price. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you half way; we would actually get you a quote that matches our precise pricing, in just 72 hours. Yes you read it right, that’s it, only 72 hours!

This is where the IBB Trade, one of our best products, comes to rescue for those, who are interested in getting purchase offers for their old cars within 72 hours at precise price.

IBB has buyer base of over 512 certified used cars dealers and several non-certified dealers listed. We also has trade-in partnerships with OEMs for best exchange offer and trade-in buys, as well as individual buyers, who are looking for certified and trusted cars in their budgets.

IBB is all about organizing the earlier highly unorganized used car market and for all these channel partners, it’s the most preferred destination as well. While talking about IBB Trade, one can get’s the maximum benefit.

Wondering how? With the simplest IBB phenomena, as soon as you put up your car for sale on IBB Trade, we share your car details with all the channel partners, so that they can bid to give you the best quote, which is nothing less than our precise price.

Does it sound too easy to believe? It is even simpler than what it sounds. In just 3 simple steps you would get the best quote with in 72 hours and that too at your comforts of your house. 3 easy steps are:



Some of the key advantages of using IBB Trade will be doorstep evaluations, maximum price discovery and hassle free process. All this leads to an easy and profitable car selling.

IBB trade is a unique process that helps you maximize your car’s value without the hassle of negotiations, with multiple prospective buyers. It seeks to get you good price by fast and effective bidding procedure, where thousands of buyers rely on our inspection to get a complete idea about the car condition and compete against each other to get their hands on your car.


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