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India's automobile market on the rise

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India is on the rise and so is its demand for automobiles. In fact, the demand has grown exponentially if it is to be compared with that, of last year. And not only the demand, but also the manufactured units has grown immensely.

India's automobile market on the rise

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Automobile companies have put approx. 53,78,591 vehicles into the market. These were not only passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles, but these numbers also include three-wheelers and two-wheelers, all produced in the span of April-May 2018. If the numbers are to be compared then the same time period in the year 2017, lead to a production of 46,70,687 vehicles. There was a clear growth of 15.16 per cent.

If the specifics are to be considered, then the sale of all passenger vehicles grew by an approximate of 13.28 per cent, when compared to the same April-May period, last year. Utility vehicles and vans experienced a rise in sales by 14.71 per cent and 24.11 per cent, respectively. In general, commercial vehicles saw an increase of 57.44 per cent in sales in which medium and heavy vehicles increased by 114.79 per cent and light vehicles grew by 34.27 per cent, in comparison to last year.

The two-wheeler segment isn’t far behind, having gone through an increase of 13.04 per cent. A marked growth of 5.76 per cent, 17.24 per cent and 9.82 percent was observed in scooters, motorcycles and mopeds, respectively.

When comparing the April-May time period for last year to that of this year, there has also been an increase of 53.01 per cent for the sales of three-wheelers. Passenger oriented vehicles grew by 64.31 per cent and goods centric vehicles, by 9.82 per cent.

Looking at the bigger picture, there was an increase in exports by a markable 24.03 per cent as compared to last year, April-May, but a decline in passenger vehicles by 6.45 percent.


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