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Installation Deadline Of The GPS Has Extended To Next Year April

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The Union government has had doubts progressing to obligatorily introduce Global Positioning System (GPS) GPS beacons and frenzy catches on transport vehicles this year, and has now postponed the usage of the security gadgets to April 2019. The Union service of streets transport and thruways, in a roundabout issued on April 20, is said to have educated state transport specialists of its choice to propel the due date by a year. A newspaper warning of MORTH made it required for all vehicle vehicles to introduce AIS140 GPS beacons by April 1, this year.

Installation Deadline Of The GPS Has Extended To Next Year April

Be that as it may, perplexity over the usage of the Union service's mandate has incited the Centre to change the due date, sources said. “The deadline has been deferred because none of the states were ready,” director of transport, Nikhil Dessai said. Following the Union government’s notification, the Goa government had issued a request for proposal from qualified companies for supply, maintenance and installation of GPS tracking devices that could transmit the vehicle’s location to a central server. “The GPS should be able to transmit the location to a central server. There is no point in installing a GPS device if there is nobody to monitor it. Ultimately, the vehicle has to be monitored,” Dessai said.

Authorities said that amid a gathering in New Delhi, MORTH took an audit of the endeavours made by each state to actualize the task. A few states raised concerns and looked for more opportunity to execute the aggressive task. Quickly after the focal government provided a warning, the vehicle office and Goa Electronics Limited (GEL) welcomed intrigued organizations to take up the venture. “We are now towards closing the tender, and GEL will be developing the network to set up the server and data relay. We may be the first state in the country to achieve this,” Dessai said. “Once the party is finalised, we will ask them to begin installing the devices on trucks and other vehicles. Now that the deadline is shifted, it will give us more time to organise ourselves,” Dessai said.

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